liblicense 0.3 released

We've just released a new version of Liblicense. Liblicense is a library for managing licenses and
license metadata. It allows for querying licenses and their associated rights. Liblicense facilitates the creation of license-aware
applications by ensuring up-to-date license selection and the ability to read and write licenses to a variety of file formats.

Liblicense 0.3 is the first version to feature desktop integration. It now features Gnome Nautilus integration -- license are displayed and can be written from within Nautilus. The integration also takes advantage of emblems to visibly display files as licensed.

Additionally, it features new modules supporting reading from and writing licenses to MSOffice (pre-2007), FLAC, ogg+FLAC, MusePack, and
SMIL. Modules already available include support for JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, AVI, Quicktime, WAV, MP3, and SVG.

For more information visit the project page at, A tutorial is also available at

Posted by Scott Shawcroft 2007-08-03

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