#185 Misspelling in ccHost 5.1Submission Pages

cchost (129)

On submission pages, e.g. the "Submit a Derived Work" page (mydomain.com//cchost/submit/remix), "colloborating" should be "collaborating". The misspelling originates in line 116 of ccHost/ccskins/shared/strings/all_media.php:

$GLOBALS['str_feat_list_any_collob'] = _('List any colloborating artists (Hint: NOT YOU)');

and can be fixed by editing the line:

$GLOBALS['str_feat_list_any_collob'] = _('List any collaborating artists (Hint: NOT YOU)');

Consistency suggests changing the variable name from "str_feat_list_any_collob" to "str_feat_list_any_collab", but of course this would require changes to a variety of files and might introduce some fragility to various upgrade or repair situations...?


  • Victor Stone

    Victor Stone - 2010-04-05

    the 'real' fix is easy enough to maintain backward compat

    $GLOBALS['str_feat_list_any_collab'] = _('List any colloborating artists (H
    int: NOT YOU)');
    $GLOBALS['str_feat_list_any_collob'] = $GLOBALS['str_feat_list_any_collab'];

    I think it's safe to assume there are many (many) more typos around, I'll wait a little longer to collect these and then knock them back as a group.


  • Victor Stone

    Victor Stone - 2010-04-05

    eh, assuming the spelling is correct in the string itself 'collaborating artists'

  • wikiGong.com Songmaster

    I'm pretty sure 'collaborating artists' is correct. :)


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