#157 liblicense errors in rpmlint

liblicense (7)

The following rpmlint errors in liblicense prevent more from packaging 0.8.1 in openSUSE.

I: Program is likely to break with new gcc. Try -fno-strict-aliasing.
W: liblicense strict-aliasing-punning liblicense.c:620
E: liblicense 64bit-portability-issue flac.c:35

I: Program is using implicit definitions of special functions.
these functions need to use their correct prototypes to allow
the lightweight buffer overflow checking to work.
- Implicit memory/string functions need #include <string.h>.
- Implicit *printf functions need #include <stdio.h>.
- Implicit *printf functions need #include <stdio.h>.
- Implicit *read* functions need #include <unistd.h>.
- Implicit *recv* functions need #include <sys/socket.h>.
E: liblicense implicit-fortify-decl licenses_cached.c:165, 169, 250


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Howdy hub,

    I can't reproduce these implicit defintions problems. In licenses_cached.c, the highlighted lines are all snprintf calls. However, stdio.h and string.h are both already included.

    I'm looking into the other two issues now.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    (This is Asheesh; the last comment was also me.)


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