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New release butt-0.1.15

I finally found some days to work on a new butt release. I hope you like it!


Version 0.1.15 (2016-05-28)

  • added AAC+ support
  • added a "Split now" button to instantly start a new recording file
  • improved look&feel on retina displays on OSX
  • improved compatibility with proxies/load balancers (thanks to boyska)
  • fixed handling of newline characters when reading the song name file
  • fixed evlauation of time/date variables when automatic file splitting is enabled
  • fixed compatibility with airtime servers
  • fixed ogg and opus support for ShoutCast
Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2016-05-28 Labels: 0.1.15

New release butt-0.1.14

A little Christmas present for all online broadcaster:
I used the holidays for finishing a new butt version.
Now with support for opus and flac!


Version 0.1.14 (2014-12-27)

  • added FLAC support for recording
  • added Opus support (thanks to oneman)
  • added logfile support (thanks to mikko)
  • added support for more variables in the filename (%H %M %S) (thanks to mikko)
  • automatic file splitting can be synced to full hour now (thanks to mikko)
  • LCD info can automatically rotate every 5 seconds now (thanks to mikko)
  • added ability to change audio buffer size
  • uncluttered LCD (thanks to mikko)
  • file extension of record filename gets automatically updated now
  • dropped support of different samplerate/channels for stream and record
  • resorted settings elements/widgets
  • removed possible memleaks
  • connecting to an unreachable server does not freeze the GUI anymore
  • fixed icecast and shoutcast meta data handling
  • made update song from file more robust
  • "update song name manually" reacts on Enter button now
Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2014-12-26

Improved windows setup

I have improved the windows setup file of butt-0.1.13
The default path is version dependent now. This should prevent
conflicts with parallel installations of previous or coming releases of butt.
The uninstall process now asks if you want to delete the config file
instead of deleting it silently.

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2014-05-18

Fix for backwards compatibility in 0.1.13

In case you get a message like "error while parsing config. Missing mount entry for server"
Please re-download your operating system package from the files section.

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2014-05-06

butt-0.1.13 is there!

Hey there! Finally after 4 years of inactivity I was able to use the easter holidays for working on a new release of butt. I added little features and fixed a lot of bugs.
I hope I did not break anything that was working before ;-)

For Ubuntu users there is a PPA available now:

Version 0.1.13 (2014-05-02)

  • has an icon now! - thanks to Subrat (ipapuna) Nayak
  • added support for lower bitrates (24k, 16k, 8k)
  • added support for user defined configuration path e.g. "butt -c path_to_config"
  • added support for user names in Icecast
  • added gain slider. This slider multiplies the audio input samples with the given factor
  • added .manifest file to disable the VirtualStore on Windows Vista and higher
  • added the ability to automatically split the recording every 'n' minutes
  • added feature for importing and exporting configuration files
  • compiles with Xcode 5 on OS X Mavericks
  • compiles with traditional GNU autoconf/automake environment on linux and mingw
  • improved robustness against faulty config files
  • improved compatibility to ShoutCast v2 servers
  • improved look&feel
  • fixed samplerate issues
  • fixed mono playback/recording
  • changed data volume information vom kBytes to MBytes
  • changed default recording path to users home folder
  • sends audio information (bitrate etc.) to Icecast server - Thanks to Dominik Durner
  • reimplemented VU-Meter with peak hold
  • comes with as an ubuntu package
  • windows: can be installed as user without admin rights
  • windows: uninstallation process also removes the configuration file
  • instead of canceling the automatic song update in case the given file is not
    readable, butt now tries to reread the file every 5 seconds
Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2014-05-04 Labels: butt 0.1.13

Updated LICENSE file in butt-0.1.12-src

For those who might be wondering why the src file of the 0.1.12 package has been updated:
Some automatic packaging utilities check the LICENSE file which is included in the package. As the Address of the FSF has been changed, this check fails and the packaging utility refuses to generate the package.

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2011-10-14

butt-0.1.10 released

butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use, multi OS streaming tool.
It supports ShoutCast and IceCast and runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

- dB values were added to the vu-meter.
- network backend uses non-blocking sockets now.
This prevents butt from hanging when unexpected network
errors occur.
- the songname can be updated from a textfile now
- xrun led has been removed.
The msg window informs the user about overruns instead.
- support for more samplerates has been added.
- some GUI cosmetics were made... read more

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2008-05-26

butt: 0.1.7rc1 released

butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use, multi OS streaming tool.
It supports ShoutCast and IceCast.
butt runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

This release primarily brings support for MacOS 10.4 and 10.5.

Other changes are:
- the display can show recording time and filesize
- fixed a bug with '&' in the song string
- added a checkbox which lets the user decide if the recording should
start directly or after connecting
- a message box will ask the user if he wants to stop the recording
after disconnecting... read more

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2008-01-03

butt-0.1.6 released

butt is an easy to use IceCast/ShoutCast client.

This release is a feature release.
It adds status symbols to the display and a button for showing/hiding the server password.
The most imported change goes to the recording subsystem. The recording starts right after selecting a destination file now. Furthermore recording is independent from streaming now. So you can record without beeingt connected to a server.... read more

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2007-12-08

butt-0.1.5rc1 with MS Windows support released

butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use, open source, multi OS tool that
grabs audio data from your sound card (line-in, CD, wave, etc.), encodes the PCM data into MP3/OGG,
and sends it to a streaming server. ShoutCast and IceCast are supported.

This release contains huge changes.
butt uses the PortAudio library now, instead of the ALSA API.
This has a lot of advantages. For example, OSS, Jack support and it made it easy to port butt to Windows.... read more

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2007-11-16

butt: RC1 of version 0.1.4 released

butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use Linux tool that grabs audio data from your sound card (line-in, CD, wave, etc.), encodes the PCM data into MP3, and sends it to a streaming server.
ShoutCast and IceCast are supported.

This release of butt adds support for IceCast and ogg!
Updating the Song which appears on the listeners audio tool is also implemented now.

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2007-11-01

butt bugfix release (0.1.3)

This release fixes some bugs which where introduced in 0.1.2.

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2007-10-09

New release of butt available (0.1.2)

The new version of butt (0.1.2) has a GUI for
configuring your servers, audio settings etc.
There is no need to edit your .buttrc with a text
editor anymore.
butt 0.1.2 also fixes some bugs.
See the ChangeLog for more details.

Posted by Daniel Nöthen 2007-10-07

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