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BUtil 5.0 Alpha2 was Released

You can download it at and at in 'Files' section

Posted by Anonymous 2010-05-16

CAUTION: Update feature

Due to hosting issue(i have no access to my site on hosting domain) update feature for current 4.8 and all earlier versions is broken

Posted by Anonymous 2009-11-23

Version 4.8 Relaeased

4.8 ( 22 November 2009 )

New Features
- Console log: colors markup added

- Log Viewer: Ui changed again

Bug Fixes:
- Improper EFS configuration could lead to fault of program

Posted by Anonymous 2009-11-23

BUtil 4.7 Released

New Features

Performance was speeded up
Now amount of parralel packing processes can be setted up in Configurator
Options became portable through versions
Documentation now is under GOST RF on documentation of software
Logs location now is possible to define again, however it has good default value


Scheduler now uses .net internal GC for performance
Scheduler is more stable for not NT windows
Restoration Tool merged to Configurator
Logotype added
KNeo package since now isn't used in application
Installer now can increase speed of application Ui if user has asministrative privileges
Logging simplified;
Scheduler: messages added;
In support mode settings are added to the file log
Configuration change: schedule and configurator options were moved to profile options
Desktop folder(with Documents one) is added to default backup task
Now events before and after backup can be easily configured, also backup can be passed as parameter, those tasks can be turned off in backup master and cancelled... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2009-08-21

BUtil 4.6 Released

1. Password length check can be configured via Configurator\Misc\Don't care about password length
2. Added possibility to review and delete logs in configurator. Keyboard shortcuts: Del, Enter, F5 works in logs list
3. 7-zip 32 installer now is included in this installer
4. Configuration change: now option 'delete all files in destination place before backup' changed to 'delete all butil image files in target folder'
5. Added possibility for synchronous storage processing(from 1 to 10 threads with default value 5, can be configured in Misc\Other tab)
6. Added possibility to turn on and off compression items and storages in BackupUi tool
7. Added possibility to reboot at finish of backup in backupUi application... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2009-07-10

BUtil 4.5 released


1. Configurator settings moved to %userprofile%\Application Data\BUtil-x.x\ folder and prepared for any future updates of tool
2. Added possibility to review last log and empty log folders from Configurator \ Logging
3. Scheduler settings became portable through BUtil versions
4. Restoration now uses 7zg (localized, can be cancelled, shows exact progress) without loosing speed
5. Opening of html files became non-blocking program
6. Isx removed from installer, now .Net presence is defined in more comfortable way
7. 7z updated... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2009-05-04

New 4.4 version is available


1. Update mecanizm added
2. Ghost integration with Windows Scheduler now is possible(see 6.3 in documentation)

Usability improvements:
1. ui improvements in Configurator, backupUi, Restoration
2. Questioning if user is sure to stop backup removed from backup ui. However it still exist on closing form

1. Critical: when password wasn't specified in Configurator and user tried to specify it in Backup UI, password didn't applied and backup was unprotected
2. Swapping backup ui form issue with hidden form
3. Uninstalling issues with removing settings were fixed
4. Async restoration... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2009-03-21

Poll about new look of configurator

Hi all

If you would like to participate in poll about new look of configurator please open this page
<a href=""></a>

Posted by Anonymous 2009-03-07

BUtil 4.2 Released


1. Added Inno Setup installer. It's much nicer. Setup localized on russian

2. Program became more portable, multiversion

3. Removed 'Full' log type, removed High priority

4. Backup scheduler became user-oriented and does not require any manual configuring or installation

5. No admin privileges is required for almost all
tasks(exept global installation/uninstallation)

6. Running scripts / program feature is now available before backup... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-12-06

BUtil 4.0 Beta was released

1. Alpha version!
2. Removed MSI installer
2. Removed several assemblies
3. Critical fixes of md5Signer

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-21

A new 3.2 version is going to be released in nearest 7 days

Main good news will be:

1) improved upgraded localization engine. It takes less memory and works faster

2) localized Ghost program

3) a number of small improvements in ui of configurator and manual backup

testing is almost completed...

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-30

BUtil 3.1 released

Main improvements are:
1. Removed unused settings of configurator
2. Refactored storing of options, storages architecture, logging classes, Scheduler PL: removed form which resulted in less by default memory usage, BackupUi
3. Bug fix with backup in progress
4. Bug fix with target .Net Framework for scheduler
5. Bug fix with 'Stand by' mode
6. Added less resource mode for Scheduler and improved their utilization
7. Improved output for tray aplication of remained time
8. Published console tool md5Signer with enhanced features
9. Improved Ui of backupUi: tray icon
10. Added features of power management in backupConsole tool
11. 2 Bug fixes in Console tool with utilizing log resources fixed and parsing command line arguments
12. Bug fix with scheduling fixed: when backup finished new time was not counted
13. 2 Bug Fixes with pretty time span formatter
14. Speeded up starting manual backup from ghost appliation on 30 seconds
15. Not a donation ware now

Posted by Anonymous 2008-05-31

BUtil 3.1.0 is coming

Release date is planned on 31 of May

What will be new in this release?
- several bug fixes,
- ui improvements

Posted by Anonymous 2008-05-24

BUtil 3.0.8 Released! It's not a beta now!

Release notes:

1. Fixed bugs with processing archivator messages
2. Improved tool for backup with UI: clarified turning backup off
3. Fixed bug with restarting of service from Configurator
4. Simplified logic with logs and removed discovered bugs
5. Fixed bug with Backup UI - it does not disable power managment when logs set to support
6. Since this version logs are located in <user profile>\Application Data\BUtil\Logs
7. Since this version settings are located in <user profile>\Application Data\BUtil\Settings
8. Settings are encrypted under local windows accaunt. It became secure to keep passwords in them
9. Simplified program logic
10. Now program does not require administrator privileges to use scheduling
11. Now service registers itself under user accaunt
12. Changed settings format
13. Fixed bug with storing password in logs
14. Documentation improved
15. Support and maintainabilities improvements
16. Credits in about of program
17. Localization updated
18. Improved usabillity of BUtil.Console
19. Fixed bugs with stopping of backup console backup process from the outside
20. Implemented tray application as a replacement of service
21. BUtil Console now correctly processes its terminating
22. UI of Configurator improved
23. Fixed bug with copying password
24. Now program does not allowed illegal characters to be saved
25. Fixed bug with removing multiple selected items
26. Bug with saving CPU loading fixed
27. Bug with including passwords in the log fixed
28. Improvements in GUI of Recovery
29. Fixed program faills with no access to an image
30. Fixed bug with throwing exception of butil console with invalid options
31. Improved security with saving data on remote network storages

Posted by Anonymous 2008-05-03

A new version coming soon...

A new version will become a multiuser and there will be implemented several security fixes

Planning release date : 25 April 2008

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-12

BUtil win32 3.0.6 Beta released

1. Fixed critical bug with restoration of archives: archivator configured erroneously!

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-03

BUtil version 3.0. Beta 5 released

1. Improved security of storing md5
2. Improved Configurator UI
3. Fixed bugs with command line arguments for restorator
4. Improved UI of backup GUI
5. Defect with calling to logs fixed
6. Localization of configurator and libraries improved
7. 'Password Configurator' UI and program logic simplified
8. 'Configurator\Scheduling' UI simplified
9. Installator improved
10. Documentation to project upgraded
11. Critical bug fixes in Configurator: defects in controller code fixed
12. Bug fixes in about form and links
13. UI of tool of BUtil service controlling improved
14. Clarified localization of Configurator
15. Critical bug fix in 'Backup Now': cannot close application
16. Important bug fix in synchronization of files
17. UI of 'Backup Now' improved, simplified, fixed some UI bugs
18. Discovered 7-zip bug with free space checkings
19. Improved gathering of errors from 7-zip when minimalistic log set. Now only warnings are gathered from 7-zip output
20. Hiding errors in 'Backup Console' fixed
21. Fixed language in 'Backup Console'
22. Fixed bug in 'Restoration tool' with selecting language
23. Fixed bugs in 'Restoration tool' with UI and with opening of an image... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-02

BUtil 3.0 Beta 3 released

Release notes

1. Localization into russian added to the restorator program
2. Through installer and configurator associations with *.butil created
3. Fixed bugs with gui behaviour of backupNow tool
4. Fixed bugs with naming of images
5. Fixed console tool behaviour
6. Fixed security issue: adding network places as destination folder in Hdd storage types
7. Fixed bugs with Backup-GUI - cross-threading issues, UI improvements and logging for errors issues
8. Network storage added
9. Fixed bugs with web-links
10. Bug with getting support: fixed
11. Bug with UI of Configurator: fixed
12. Installer changed on msi
13. Installer now disallows installing of program when another version of program exists

Posted by Anonymous 2008-03-05

A new BUtil Betta 2 version released

Here're some gui improvements and numerous bug fixes

1. Fixed bug with selecting priorities in backupGUI app
2. Fixed bugs with english windows localization
3. Fixed bug with restoration of files
4. Fixed bug with mutexes, file logs in backup console tool
5. Fixed issues with security on backup GUI program
6. Improved gui of Restorator
7. Fixed bugs in restoration(including security issues with encrypted copies)
8. 2 functions removed from GUI Configurator
9. Interface simplified
10. Various code improvements
11. Localization improved

Posted by Anonymous 2008-02-20

BUtil 3.0 beta 1 released

Release notes

1.This is an UNSTABLE BETA 1 version. For stable please use 2.7
2.Now temporary files are stored securely(when 'enabled password' is on)
3.An image format of the first version created!!!
4.Program logic in backup tool simplified
5.Tool for restoring data was created with support of archives, restoration to original folder and restoration to specified folder
6.Now synchronization between programs appeared. This means that 2 or more copies of programs can run at the same time !
7.Quality of code of protection library was improved
8.Now service stores its errors an warnings in windows Events Journal
9.Quality of service code was improved
10.Number of configuration files decreased
11. Logs for the Manual Backup tool with GUI improved
12. Option 'make log off, reboot, shutdown, ...' in manual backup tool with GUI appeared
13. To reduce space this file in .txt format
14. Improvements in ergonomic
15. Priorities on old windows OS fixed

Posted by Anonymous 2008-02-14

A new 3 version is almost prepared

In 3-rd version of tool some new features will be available:
- different improvements in its design and code
- first image version for backup
- tool for recovering data
- security improvements

Planned time of release: February 14, 2008

Posted by Anonymous 2008-01-25

A new bug free 2-7 of BUTil release occured

1.Service testing:
- found some bugs in processing powerevents
- problems in scheduling logic discovered – scheduling logic simplified: now its requests current time each 30 seconds – support of sleep mode increased
- potential bugs in CPU loading class fixed
- 3 bugs in scheduler fixed
- 2 bugs with supporting of power events fixed. They could lead to rebooting of your machine

2.Bugs with first start of Configurator simplified. Automated quiet configuring added... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-01-06

BUTil 2-6 released

1.Fixed bug in console version with supporting Russian characters
2.Now console backup version does not require any input from user. This will allow to use other scheduling programs to run it in background.
3.Documentation improved. Some changes in “default options”, new part appear
4.Now console backup can be integrated with with other scheduling services(see documentation)
5.Version 2,3 released internally
6.Program logic simplified
7.Bugs in documentation fixed
8.Configurator interface simplified
9.Now program calls OS windows to get user specific temp folder. Program became more secure
10.Icons appeared
11.Since this version tool “Service management tool” disappear as a separate program. It helped to increase reliability of application and simplify program logic.
12.Now program less depends on OS location
13.Now secure deleting of files became automatic option
14.Argument parser improved in all programs
15.Application does not use anymore NET tool for managing service
16.Since this version service can install itself. As a result – less options for users to fill and less dependence on Windows
17.Program automatically controls service. Now administrator and user does not need to worry and know about this automatic process
18.Program configures itself in silent mode.
19.Program does not depend now on Microsoft .Net programs
20.Version 2,4 released internally
21.Now 3 programs spend less time on loading languages
22.Localization upgraded
23.Option “Enable advanced password check” disappear
24.Asking support from manual backup GUI tool simplified
25.Version 2,5 released internally
26.Was found a decision for speeding up service and bugs in requirements to some classes of program
27.Program logic simplified
28.Some options in Configurator disappeared
29.Program logic of kernel classes simplified
30.Since now service gets much less resources for its work, does not copy program logic, completely decreased its cpu usage. Its design allows update of options from user-mode
31.Support of Suspend, Battery low events of PC occurred
32.Bugs with suspend mode fixed
33.Program logic simplified. Requirements number decreased
34.Archivator tab disappeared
35.7-zip installation package removed from package. Instead of this some portions of 7-zip software ia-32 specidic are included: configurator simplified
36.Requirements number, Installation packet size decreased
37.Service was completely tested
38.Html logs for support now are prepared without any problems
39.Backup now was tested completely – some critical discovered bugs removed
40.Installation packages improved, decreased its size: since this version they're devided on sources and binaries.
41.Version 2,6 released

Posted by Anonymous 2007-12-24

A new bug free version of butil 2.0 occured!!!

New version of tools potentially is the most bug free release which occured during last time

Also, i'm notifying that since this moment up to December 2007 i'm stopping for a while active developement of butil - and if you have a questions or bug reports feel free to contact me by e-mail(shown in the butil configurator)
That's because i'm planning to study MS SQL databases

Posted by Anonymous 2007-09-13

Version 1.9

Documentation improved. Now it is in PDF, anchors added
Now it is easy to get support, read documentation
BUtil configurator improved. Localization format upgraded to 3.0 version. Now user chooses language before working with program
Since this version localization performance increased
Localization in BUtil configurator upgraded to 4th version.
Delete item upgraded
Move up, move down upgraded
Logging option became permanent.
Now language options file removed
Timestamps added to log. Logging simplified
Localization upgraded in all tools from packet
Localization tools since this version are not in the packet.
Icons added

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-22

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