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BUtil 4.7 Released

New Features

Performance was speeded up
Now amount of parralel packing processes can be setted up in Configurator
Options became portable through versions
Documentation now is under GOST RF on documentation of software
Logs location now is possible to define again, however it has good default value


Scheduler now uses .net internal GC for performance
Scheduler is more stable for not NT windows
Restoration Tool merged to Configurator
Logotype added
KNeo package since now isn't used in application
Installer now can increase speed of application Ui if user has asministrative privileges
Logging simplified;
Scheduler: messages added;
In support mode settings are added to the file log
Configuration change: schedule and configurator options were moved to profile options
Desktop folder(with Documents one) is added to default backup task
Now events before and after backup can be easily configured, also backup can be passed as parameter, those tasks can be turned off in backup master and cancelled

Bug Fixes:

Method not found: 'Void System.Runtime.GCSettings.set_LatencyMode(System.Runtime.GCLatencyMode)'. Fixed;
Stopping of copying to storages could lead to backupUi fail;
Configurator -removeLocalSettings could crash if there any data was in folders;
Several logs in one day could lead to Configurator fail.
When scheduler was disabled or there was nothing to schedule Configurator could not stop the running at this moment scheduler.
Critial: Backup could not cancelled. This is a MS .Net Framework 2 bug. Workarounded
Single instance of scheduler sometimes could lead to halt(mutexes issue)
Cancellation of running events before backup fixed and does not crash program any more
When there's not enough place in temp folder program crashed: now it outputs message to log with hint on issue

Posted by Anonymous 2009-08-21

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