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Buddi converted to Git repository

I have moved the source code to git, rather than subversion. If you need to pull managed source code, please update your methods. The subversion repos have been deleted.

Posted by Wyatt 2013-02-09

Buddi 3.3 Development Branch Released

After a long period of no major Development-grade changes, I have finally released a new development branch. The primary new feature in this branch will be support for split transactions; as of, there is support in the model and the Plugin APIs for splits, but the GUI does not support it yet. This should be added in or if all goes well.

In addition to split transaction support, there are numerous minor tweaks and bug fixes. Please look at the changelog for details.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2008-12-12

Buddi: 3.2 Stable Released

Buddi is a simple budgeting program targeted for users with little or no financial background. It allows users to set up accounts and categories, record transactions, check spending habits, etc.

I am happy to announce the first minor stable release on the 3.x branch. This version fixes a few bugs (including a bug when copying your files from OSX 10.4 Tiger to OSX 10.5 Leopard), and resolves a few feature requests. No major changes here, but it is recommended that all users upgrade.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2008-05-13

3.0 Stable Released

I am proud to announce the release of the 3.0 Stable branch of Buddi This version is the result of almost 5 months of active development, and includes many new features and changes. The data model has been re-written from scratch, along with most of the user interface. Some of the major changes are listed below; for a complete list, please view all changes in the 2.9 Development branch.
-Much more powerful budgeting capabilities. You can now specify different budgets for different months, as well as have multiple budget periods (e.g., Month, Quarter, Week, etc) for different budget items.
-Many improvements to the user interface, and the UI architecture
-Complete re-write of the backup / restore interface
-New plugin API, which models the actual data much more closely than before, and should allow for more powerful plugins
-New installer for Windows, which can set up Buddi and associate data files, translations, and plugins with the program.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-25

3.0 RC 6 Released

RC 6 has just been released, with more performance optimizations and misc. bug fixes.


Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-14

3.0 RC 5.1 Released

3.0 RC 5.1 ( has been released, to address the bug in saving files, present in RC 5. It is recommended that all users of the Development branch upgrade to this version (especially if you are currently at


Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-10

*Important* 3.0 RC 5 Removed

A serious bug was found in RC 5, in which the data files are not correctly saved. If you currently are using RC 5 (, please remove it, and revert to the previous version. You will need to revert to the last data file which was saved with RC 4.

I apologize for any difficultly this may have caused, and hope to have the fix out as soon as possible.


Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-09

3.0 RC 5 Released

I have just released 3.0 RC 5, which has a focus on performance. I have made many changes to the backing data structures in Buddi to ensure swift operation. This is especially noticeable when you have many transactions (tens of thousands).

Since there were changes to the backing data structures, please back up your data beforehand, and pay attention to the sort orders of transactions. Please report any problems to me.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-08

3.0 RC 4 Released

3.0 RC 4 Released

Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-08

3.0 RC 3 Released

Buddi Release Candidate 3 has been released, with a few more minor bug fixes. At this time, I am not aware of any outstanding bugs. If you find any problems with RC 3, please report them as soon as you can. If I don't hear of any bugs in a while, I will release 3.0 Stable shortly.


Posted by Wyatt 2007-12-02

3.0 RC2 Released

RC2 has been released, with a few bug fixes and some performance enhancements. Please report any bugs which you find ASAP.


Posted by Wyatt 2007-11-29

3.0 RC 1 Released

I am proud to announce the first release candidate of Buddi 3.0. All major feature requests which have not already been implemented will not be added to the 3.0 release. This will give myself and all those who are testing the Development release time to find any bugs which may still exist, before 3.0 Stable.

I would strongly encourage everyone to download this version, and report any bugs found via the Bug Tracker. Even if you have not already converted to the Development branch, you can run this version - 2.6 and 3.0 versions can run side by side, as they use different file formats.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-11-18

Windows Installer / Standalone Version

In the Development version, I now have two different Windows versions - the installer, and the standalone version. The installer is recommended for most situations, as it can put Buddi in the correct location, set up shortcuts, and associate files. For those who don't like installers, or who are looking for Buddi to use on a flash drive or portable disk, you can use the standalone version.

As of, if you are running one version or the other, updates will automatically grab the correct version. The first time, though, you may have to manually download the installer the first time, as in versions previous to, there was only one version, and the update from those will grab the non-installer version.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-10-22

New Baby Girl!

I am proud to announce that my wife has just given birth to a new baby girl! Her name is Maija, and she is 6 lb 12 oz.

Because of this, I will obviously not have as much time as I would like for work on Buddi. I will continue to do as much as I have time for, but you may see a couple of days between replies on the forums, etc. Don't worry, though - I have not forgotten Buddi, and will continue to work on it!... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-10-14

Version Pre-release: Testers Needed!

Today I found a bug in the data model architecture, which can cause problems if you change the time zone on your data file. The problem was related to time zones; for a complete description of the problem, you can see the bug report for bug #1811038 [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1811038&group_id=167026&atid=841302]. I have fixed it in SVN source for The pre-release of this is currently on the Builds [http://devel.buddi.thecave.homeunix.org/builds] page.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-10-10

Looking for RPM .spec File

I am planning on creating an RPM package of Buddi. I have all the preparations done which I need to do, but I do not have a .spec file. Looking at sample files makes this look quite daunting, and I don't have time currently to play around with this too much.

If anyone has any experience writing .spec files, and would like to donate their time in creating one, please contact me - both I and the users running Redhat based systems will be most appreciative!... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-10-02

Buddi Released

Buddi is a simple budgeting program targeted for users with little or no financial background. It allows users to set up accounts and categories, record transactions, check spending habits, etc.

I am pleased to announce the release of Buddi This is the first release in the 3.0 Development branch which is recommended for production use. I have converted my finances to this new version, and I greatly appreciate all those who are able and willing to help me test it.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-09-25

Developing Plugins in Buddi 3.0

This is the first draft of a document I am creating for how to develop plugins in Buddi 3.0. Eventually it will be on the website in the Developers section, but for now I have included it here. It should currently be accurate as of Buddi; if you have any questions or changes to make, please feel free to add to the comments below or on the General forum. This document is still a work in progress (as is Buddi 3.0), and is liable to change at any time.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-09-07

First Development Preview for Buddi 3.0

I am pleased to announce the first Development Preview release for the upcoming Buddi 3.0 branch. This is released as version, and is included in the Development package; however, it is not a normal Development version. Normally I tag Development versions as ones which seem to be stable, but have not gone through as much rigorous testing as the Stable branch has. However, this release would better be called Beta or Alpha software (depending on your definition of these). You should *NOT* use this version for your real data, as the data file format may change before I release an official production-ready Development version.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-09-06

Buddi 3.0 Roadmap

As you may have noticed, the last released Development version ( is currently behind the Stable (2.6.x). This is because I am working on a new Major release, Buddi 3.0. Buddi 3.0 will include a number of new features which have been requested over the past year, and will address some fundamental problems with the existing data model which currently limit some of the changes I can make.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-08-17

2.6 Stable Released

Buddi is a simple budgeting program targeted for users with little or no financial background. It allows users to set up accounts and categories, record transactions, check spending habits, etc.

I have just released Buddi Stable. This includes numerous minor UI enhancements, which should make life a little easier for everyone.

Note that the API has been upgraded to 2.6; this means that the old plugins will not work for you anymore. I have released all stable plugins in the Buddi Plugins repository for 2.6 format; you can download them from the Downloads page. If you or a third party has a plugin which is not on the Buddi Plugins site, you will need to recompile it for the new version. (Very little has changed, so it should be only a compile which is needed).... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-08-14

Updated Plugins

I have updated the three plugins which I maintain (CSV, QIF, and a new Income / Expense over time graph) to work with the new 2.4 API. The old plugins will not work with the new version. You must download the new versions of the plugins when you upgrade.


Posted by Wyatt 2007-06-11

2.4 Stable Released

I am happy to announce the release of 2.4 Stable. This version includes many new improvements over the 2.2 branch. Some of the major ones are listed here:

-Complete rework of the GUI framework, allow a more consistent user interface, and greater speed when opening large data files
-Moved report / graph output to HTML page, for better printing and easier view.
-Support OS integration, to open data files directly. (This works out of the box for OS X and Debian; for Windows and other OS's, you will need to associate .buddi files with Buddi for this to work properly.)
-More logical dialog sequence for New / Open data files
-Complete API for third party plugins, allowing Developers to use a more stable interface which will not change as much with future versions.
-Rewrite of transactions list cell renderer, making this information more easy to read
-Many other minor features.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-06-08

Final (?) 2.4 Release Candidate

I have not recieved any new bug reports for a couple of days now, and all outstanding bugs have been fixed. As of today, the current RC is (RC 6). Please give this a shot, and report any bugs to me ASAP. If I have not heard anything negative by the middle to end of this week (Wednesday or Thursday), I will probably release Stable at that time.


Posted by Wyatt 2007-06-05

2.4 Release Candidates

I am proud to announce that I am starting to release RC versions for the 2.4 stable branch. This new stable version will include a number of enhancements over the 2.2 branch, including:

-Many optimizations to the code, which results in much faster load times
-Completely re-written document loading framework. Now all platforms allow for opening data files by double clicking on the file (you may need to associate the file with Buddi yourself, on some OS's. Mac OS X and Debian create the association; the others do not).
-New approach to graphs / reports; they are now web based, which makes for much better results when printing or saving reports
-Complete overhaul of plugins, and the creation of a static API. This should allow developers to create plugins easier, without worrying that future changes to Buddi will make them break.... read more

Posted by Wyatt 2007-05-29

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