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You might be wondering why nothing is happening here. My health is delaying me to no end.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2010-11-02

Downloader Matured

I managed to get the CPU load of the background downloader into reasonable bounds. Only dispatching jobs is still too slow, I suppose that's because mass jobs are dispatched one at a time.

I'll adress this, afterwards I feel confident, it's time to move the code into pkg_upgrade.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2010-09-21

Deadline Missed

To my embarrassment I missed my private deadline to start the pkg_upgrade beta. It's not there yet.

I've been in some kind of lethargy for a while. I'd created all that library code, that was simply perfect. But you know how perfect things are. They're perfect only as long as nobody uses them.

So I started to put repofetch together, a simple and hacky frontend to the new downloader backend. And this revealed a LOT of small nasty bugs in every layer of the application, from the framework throughout every library. Ironically the bugs were all in the parts I considered well-tested. All the complex stuff, that couldn't be tested because it only works in a full-fledged application, just worked out of the box.... read more

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2010-09-20

automounter 1.3.6 - delayed

There's a new automounter release, that deals with a couple of issues. Unfortunately I cannot commit any more:

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: OPTIONS of '': SSL negotiation failed: SSL disabled due to library version mismatch (
svn: Your commit message was left in a temporary file:
svn: '/usr/home/kamikaze/devel/bsdadminscripts/svn-commit.tmp'

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2010-04-03

UPDATING and MOVED delivered with packages

The portmgr team has enhanced the pointyhead scripts to
publish MOVED and UPDATING files together with the INDEX
files that kports and pkg_upgrade use for binary package

Many thanks to the portmgr team!

I hope I will find the time to update pkg_upgrade
before the FreeBSD 8.0 release.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2009-08-11

bsdadminscripts 6.1.1 - a'tuin

A bugfix release, fixing a problem with UMA always detecting stable even on releases and current.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2009-05-09

bsdadminscripts 6.1 - carrot

This is a minor release with improvements in UMA and pkg_upgrade. The latter now sports background downloading from several mirrors.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2009-05-07

bsdadminscripts 6.0 - wizzard

Dear user,

this is the most extensive update in the short history of my script collection. BSDAdminScripts Release 6.0 features two new scripts, uma and pkg_upgrade.

pkg_upgrade is the, to my knowledge, first binary only package updating tool for FreeBSD. Unlike mixed solutions like portupgrade (that is in my opinion focused on building), pkg_upgrade allows you to do so without a local copy of the Ports Tree. All it needs is the INDEX file from the pointyhead servers or your personal Tinderbox.... read more

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2009-05-01

bsdadminscripts 5.0 - serpent

This release features distviper, a script to remove stale distfiles from the FreeBSD ports. Thanks go to pita234a for coming up with the name.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2009-01-27

bsdadminscripts 4.4.4 - pencakes rock

Just a little update to the pkg_libchk(1) manual page.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2009-01-12

automounter 1.3.3 - backbone

This is a small release that follows changes of sed in FreeBSD that broke the blacklisting.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-11-26

bsdadminscripts 4.4.3 - rhinophobia

This little release works around two bugs in ldd. There are people who'd prefer to call this undocumented behaviour instead, though.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-09-12

automounter 1.3.2 - hunting carnivore

This release removes a bug in the rc script pointed out by Clemens Fischer.

It also makes mount points prettier. Please stop automounter before updating otherwise you will encounter stale mounts and obsolete directories under /var/run/automounter.amd.mnt/.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-09-02

automounter 1.3.1 sneaky hungry carnivore

This bugfix release fixes the startup procedure to make automounter work on machines not set up to act as an nfs client or server.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-05-22

automounter 1.3 - sneaky carnivore

Apart from small code improvements this release offers a workaround for a fusefs bug. Carefully read the automounter.conf manual page to understand its advantages and drawbacks.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-04-18

automounter 1.2 & bsdadminscripts 4.4.2

The new version of automounter now comes with some geli support. The general idea is that you can insert a memory card or USB stick with a key on it and your encrypted devices and images will become mountable.

The new bsdadminscripts release is just a little maintenance. It fixes a bug in the installer that affects users of buildflags.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-04-13

automounter 1.1 - hungry predator

With this release automounter learns to deal with labels that contain spaces.

I have stumbled over some strange bugs of ntfs-3g and amd. The appropriate people have been informed and I do not expect many people to recognize anything.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-04-06

bsdadminscripts 4.4.1 - rhino stampede

With this little mainenance release bsdadminscripts bring their own install script.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-04-06

automounter 1.0 - predator

This new script is released in a separate package. It consists of a script to dynamically configure amd and populate /media with the mount links.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-03-28

bsdadminscripts 4.4 - sick of rhinos

Really sick of them. I need some new functionality to open a new major branch.

Anyway, this is a release with minor bugfixes and major comfort improvements. The output of the scripts pkg_libchk and pkg_validate can now be piped into files without the -c parameter.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-03-22

bsdadminscripts 4.3 - double horned rhino

Some fancy stuff has been going on. The pkg_libchk script now runs multiple parallel processes. That means it take ~4% longer on my old P4. However it's also 36% faster on my Core2 Duo. The performance punishment on the single core systems is lower with the -c option, because most of the locks are only necessary to ensure that status messages don't get mixed up with the regular output.

Apart from that all scripts have been audited, but only small changes resulted from that. Mostly it was about a consistent coding and commenting style.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-03-10

bsdadminscripts 4.2 - rockin rhino

The feedback of E. J. Cerejo has lead to great improvements in pkg_libchk, which now become available to you, through this release. The following is a quote from E. J. Cerejo on the freebsd-questions mailing list:

And indeed pkg_libchk is by far the best solution, if I was to update every package that depended on icu I would have to update 239 packages which discouraged me right away, by running pkg_libchk the amount of packages to be updated was reduced to 71, ...

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-02-12

bsdadminscripts 4.1 - rhino rampage

Apart from bugfixes this release removes portconfigs dependency on portupgrade, which results in a nice performance increase and makes it more attractive to
user who do not use portupgrade.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2008-02-02

BSD Administration Scripts: 4.0 - feeble rhinoceros

A collection of scripts to handle administrative tasks on several BSD systems such as FreeBSD and NetBSD.

This release is in anticipation of the coming FreeBSD 7.0 Release. It introduces pkg_libchk that checks weather packages are linked against missing libraries or those in the /usr/local/lib/compat folders.

This allows users to find all the packages that need rebuilding so that the misc/compat6x port can be deinstalled.
It's also handy to find the the packages that need rebuilding after a portupgrade in order to remove /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg .

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2007-10-26

bsdadminscripts 3.0 - tiny elephants

This is a major release, because it introduces the script pkg_validate, which compares the package database with the files actually present.

Posted by Kamikaze Dominic Fandrey 2007-06-17