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I just uploaded my 'working' directory for TME & Research UNIX v9

Research UNIX v9 on TME
So after the release of Research UNIX v8/9/10 I just got v9 running on TME's SUN-3 emulator. Since it's been requested I'm uploading my tree built on vintage Debian Linux 4 ....

Posted by Jason Stevens 2017-04-01 Labels: TME SUN-3 68020 Research Unix v9 UNIX

Added GCC 0.9 for the VAX 4.2BSD

GCC 0.9 was the first public version of GCC. In the spirit of preserving old stuff, I have built both bison 1.00 & GCC 0.9 on 4.2BSD. I detailed the adventure on my blog

Posted by Jason Stevens 2016-12-01 Labels: gcc bison 4.2BSD

Adding in all the Quasijarus releases

Since the main site is offline, I was able to ask around on my blog, and Cory Smelosky had a full offline set, so I've added them to the site to preserve them.

This also includes the SCCS reconstruction files.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2016-09-21

Adding BSDi BSD/386 1.1

Over at my blog, this version of BSD passed my desk.

In keeping with my fine tradition here, I'm going to keep a copy over here.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2016-04-08 Labels: BSD BSDi BSD/386

Just noticed that 2.9BSD was missing!

So, I've gone ahead and corrected that.

For those who are brave(crazy) enough to do their own, I've also uploaded the installation tape, and made some brief instructions on gunkies.

There is no TCP/IP in this release for anyone wondering.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2014-10-29

Added binaries for Hack 1.0 and PDP-11 Hack

Although the PDP-11 version builds on the VAX under 4.2 BSD just fine.

Attempt to compile with any PDP-11 Unix of that era results in failure. Although it seems that the PDP-11 version was an incomplete and stolen version.

From usenet:

Date-Received: Mon, 22-Apr-85 06:57:56 EST
References: 556@intelca.UUCP
Reply-To: aeb@mcvax.UUCP (Andries Brouwer)
Distribution: net
Organization: CWI, Amsterdam
Lines: 11... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2014-10-29

Found the source code to Hack 1.0

Apparently part 15 has been lost forever, but I found it in the UTZOO usenet archives.

And it compiles and runs on 4.2 BSD

Posted by Jason Stevens 2014-10-28

While working on Cockatrice and Shoebill I noticed that the SLiRP

implementation from the core Basilisk is much faster than the ancient Qemu stuff I'm using here.

And it's been a few years.

I really need to repackage everything, set it up to be more 'windows' friendly regarding the disk file locations, and redoing all of the documentation from the era as PDFs.

Or CHM, but that'll be a steep learning curve.

I'm just amazed looking at the stats how many downloads this still receives. Obviously people are interested but the utter lack of feedback hasn't helped regarding things to improve.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2014-10-10

NetBSD 0.8

I've scrounged the CVS, pulled out what I could, replaced missing parts from 386BSD, and produced as much as I could to what I think NetBSD 0.8 would have looked like.....

So unless someone turns up an actuall copy of NetBSD 0.8, this is as good as it'll get.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-12-06

NetBSD 0.9 i386

I just found the disks for this, and I've installed it and provided a qemu image for it... And for the adventitiousness there is diskettes in the archive to install your own.

So NetBSD 0.9 lives again!

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-12-02

NetBSD 1.2 VAX

In addition to the install tapes for NetBSD 1.2 (the first version of NetBSD to support the VAX) I've included some packages built for it.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-11-30

2.11 BSD

I've uploaded an install tape into the install archive of 2.11 BSD.. I have no idea what patchlevel it is..

I've also rigged a zip file with SIMH SLiRP/PDP-11 and a hacked up de driver to get it networkable. I guess it's not surprising that the PDP-11 & VAX versions of the de driver suffer from the exact same symptoms where all inbound packets are marked as errors. I've simply removed the error checking as SLiRP should be passing good traffic into the host OS.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-08-10

386 BSD install diskettes

I figured I'd provide the diskette images that I used to install 386BSD into Bochs (then convert to Qemu).. At a minimum this will save someone the hell that was creating these things.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-07-21


Recently on a project to get 386BSD to install on Bochs I found out that once patchkit 023 was installed, the kernel would run under Qemu!

So here is a release of 386BSD with all the available patchkits installed, and normalized, and setup running under Qemu 0.11.1

You can download it here:

Seeing that 386BSD is a 4.3BSD derived OS, I figure it's worth including into this project.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-04-17

COM CP/M Simulator

Recently I've found this CP/M simulator called 'com'. I thought it'd be great to run
CP/M programs under various VAX BSD OS's... You can find more info on the simulator at it's home here:

I've included different exes in this build...

myname# ls ../cc*
../ccom* ../ccom8080* ../ccomz80* ../ccpu.c ../ccpu.o

ccom this was built with the default cc compiler with the -O flag.
ccom8080 this was built with gcc with the O2 flag.
ccomz80 this was also built with gcc but with the -O flag, and the z80
code turned on. I couldn't build it with O2 as I ran out of memory.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-03-24


It'd hit me that I never did get around to building packages for Quasijarus... So today waiting on a conference call from hell, I've been building stuff, to at least bring Quasijarus up to the level of the UWISC build of 4.3 BSD... Or as close as I can get.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2010-03-04

version 0.4

I've been meaning to release this for a while. This version includes some fixes for the terminal emulator (arrow keys!!) and I've bundled in the following 3rd party software to the 4.3 BSD Uwisc distribution.

binutils 2.8.1
irc 4-4
lynx 2.8.2 rel 1.1
screen 3.7.1
top 3.2
frotz 2.32

This will be easier for people to 'get going' right away... And hopefully be easier for people to use. I've started work on converting the man pages into a windows help file, but it's more difficult then I had expected (those markups are... weird!) so it'll be another long haul to get that going.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-12-31

minor cleanup

I've added some binary builds of dungeon (4.3 RENO won't build it's linker is missing stuff, but it'll run the 4.2 binary...) and I 'fixed' the broken hack for 4.3 BSD... apparently someone downloaded it over 700 times... sadly it was broken on the server.

Otherwise, it's just another lazy Sunday.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-10-25

Added Dungeon 2.5.6

This is the f77 'clean' version of Dungeon, better known to the world as Zork. This should build cleanly with the f77 facility in 4.X BSD and perhaps many others... 32v can almost compile it, but you'd have to rebuild it's f77 with a larger hash table..

Anyways I've built it for 4.3 UWisc BSD without any issues, and I've put up a binary package.

Sorry for the delays I've been (slowly) working on a better help system to get away from the PDF's and into something more windows like.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-10-19

32v added to OS's ready to run under windows

you can download 32v here:

As a simple windows installer. Just install and run and you'll be at the login: prompt in no time!

Unix32v is the common ancestor to both 4BSD and SYSV. While primitave by modern standards, this is the version where all 32bit unix's can be traced back to. This is also the release that was central in the AT&T vs CSRG lawsuit.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-05-25

more packages for Uwisc 4.3 BSD

Today I've added Hack 1.0.3, gdb 3.1 & the significantly improved ircII-4.4 to the Uwisc package tapes. This irc client works great on attached PTY's. Feel free to say hi on #bsd via The client is preconfigured, and ready to go. Just type in irc-4.4 username and you'll be ready to /join #bsd

Package files can be downloaded from here: read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-05-11

Added Hack for 4.2 BSD

I have created a package tape & 'fixed' source tape for Hack 1.0.3 for 4.2 BSD. gcc is required to compile the source, pcc chokes when trying to build. I have made minor modifications to the source with regards to some variables, and renaming variables called 'inline'..

If the COMPAT_42 is built with any later BSD it should run the binary otherwise producing your own ought to be trivial.

The binary is located here: read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-05-10

Unix v1

Today I have decided that I should make a windows installer for the Unix v1 restoration project’s efforts on getting Unix v1 running.

For windows users this is a simple click & install project. This version of Unix v1 will support up to 8 simultaneous users on the system. Please note that this is a ‘rework’ of the v1 kernel from printouts to run a v2 userland, and the earliest C compiler from somewhere around v3-v4. It is not ‘pure’ per say as almost all v1 Unix documentation, tapes have been lost.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-04-13

Added new install scripts

I had forgotten to do this with the prior release, but I'm including the NSI install scripts that I'm using to generate the 0.3 exe's.

Everything I have at the moment can be found here:

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-04-13

Starting to collect packages...

I've built gzip & gcc 1.27 for 4.2BSD.. It's difficult to get stuff to build between only having 8mb of ram, and of course 4.2BSD is.. very obsolete!

I'd like to get a lot more stuff built but I have to head out for a week+ but I figured I'd at least share what I have so far.

All the binary / source is simply a SIMH tape format tar file that 4.2 BSD can simply just run. I would expect 4.3 BSD to run 4.2's exe's.. but I haven't tested it, so YMMV.... read more

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-03-28