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Added new exe for 4.3 BSD RENO

I've updated the emulator from SIMH 3.7-3 to 3.8-1, changed putty to Tera Term, and turned off a bunch of services from the BSD install. I've also configured the SIMH process not to immediatly exit on control E allowing you to use tapes, etc etc...

I have also fixed the links for all of the PDF documentation.

This is an easy to install version of SIMH/4.3 BSD RENO that runs under Windows. It should work under Windows 98 & higher. This version includes the SLiRP patches to have TCP/IP access, but at the moment IRC is the only real external application. Feel free to say hi!

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-03-22

Adding the Wisconsin UNIX tape image

It's a 4.3 BSD with the filesystem code ripped from SunOS + NFS... I think it's a "beta fork" before RENO..

Anyways SIMH can run it, installation is similar to 4.3 BSD

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-03-22

tape versions

As these things are getting harder to track down (namely Quasijarus) I've decided to start putting up tape images for 32v, 3,4,4.2,4.3,4.3 reno & quasijarus into the downloads sections.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2009-02-09

v0.2 Beta 1 released!

This version includes user mode networking taken from Qemu. So you can install this and run, and connect to the internet! I've included an irc program, and compiled 80 PDF's into this release. It's nearly a 90 megabyte download, and requires 1.8 gigabytes of disk space.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2007-10-10

v0.1a update!

Fixed shortcut removal, and included putty for better console access.

Uninstall also will give you the option to keep your Operating System disk.

I have removed the old installer. It had 6 downloads!

Posted by Jason Stevens 2007-09-09

A quick start.

Well I've uploaded the source into CVS, I just need to merge the patches I've found for the SIMH NIC. Also I've built an install package for Windows users.

This could be a prototype of what is to come for SIMH newbies.

Posted by Jason Stevens 2007-09-09

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