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I'm a 17 years old portuguese student.

In a subject that we are supposed to work in group, to create new things, or search for something that we want to work about.

Since we want to be engineers, we were told that BRL-Cad is a program that is used frequently in that area, so our teacher told us to make something on it. We are trying to make a catapult.

We have already made the base and the weels, but now we are not being able to make a triangular prism, we are using arb6 to make it, but the points never match properly, in any way of posting the points we have tried, so it gets deformed, with the lines crossing up with each other

I look forward to see some help from you, thanks.


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-01-12

    Hello 17 year old portuguese student! That sounds like a fantastic project. How are you trying to create an arb6? One method is to use the "make" command, which will create a default object automatically.

    make prism arb6

    If you're using the "in" command, you have to make sure that the vertices you are providing are in the proper order. Compare a default arb6 from the make command (via "l prism", that's an "ell" not a "one") and you should be able to figure out what you're doing wrong.

    By the way, when you need assistance like this, you should post to the "Support" tracker. The geometry tracker is for sharing your .g files with others.


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-01-12
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  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-01-12
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