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  • Posted a comment on ticket #118 on BRL-CAD

    Jeff, to help, you'll need to provide more details about the failure, the specific output. By default, cmake will assume you are a developer, so you may need to add some flags like: cmake -DBRLCAD_BUNDLED_LIBS=ON -DBRLCAD_ENABLE_STRICT=OFF If that doesn't work, please provide a full build log including the cmake command you ran.

  • Modified ticket #118 on BRL-CAD

    Installation linux mint

  • Posted a comment on ticket #118 on BRL-CAD

    Yes, it can.

  • Committed [r70821]

    remove more first char 'optimizations'. highly doubtful these have any measurable impact and (IF they did) it's something BU_STR_EQUAL could do everywhere automatically. skipped the dubious db_lookup ones for now too, just because they have comments.

  • Committed [r70820]

    remove silly first-char optimization

  • Committed [r70818]

    regress-mged just barely misses the TIMEOUT mark too. need to speed up startup or break up the test.

  • Committed [r70817]

    pull out and document the TIMEOUT outlier. need to break the test up.

  • Committed [r70813]

    more cleanup so that the bibtex parses successfully by sharelatex. changed months to symbolic keyword and used url={} fields for all web links. fixed a handful of made up types and rebuilt one record.

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