Please, A Little Pre-Install Advice

  • Tom Hollister

    Tom Hollister - 2012-06-23

    Greetings to all -

    From what I have read … Linux has historically been the operating system of choice for BRL-Cad.

    If I install BRL-Cad on a Win 7 box … will I face additional hardship because I am outside the mainstream user base?

    Are there features found in the Linux version not yet functional in the Win 7 version?

    I realize BRL-Cad has some amazing high-end capabilities in 3-dimensional modelling, materials analysis, and other very scientific endeavors. My Cad skills are close to novice status. Is it unreasonable to expect success from a novice that will initially only be working with 2-dimensional drawings?

    Thank you in advance for any guidance received.

    • tholly
  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2012-06-24

    Of course you'll face additional hardship. :)

    Sure, it should be useful and useable to someone on Windows whose skills are close to novice status.  There are a few features not available, such as a few of BRL-CAD's importers and exporters, but the core modeling functionality is there.

    It will be a little unreasonable to expect success if you think you'll initially only be working with 2-dimensional drawings, however.  As BRL-CAD is more of a solid modeling system (akin to Solidworks, NX, or CATIA) and not a drafting system (like AutoCAD), the 2D capabilities are very limited.

    If you go through the MGED tutorials on the website ( ), you'll get a feel for some of the very basics.


  • Tom Hollister

    Tom Hollister - 2012-06-24

    Sean -

    Thank you for the guidance.

    Another thread in this forum pointed me towards DraftSight and so far it seems a very good fit for my current skill set and immediate needs; however, I find myself intrigued by capabilities of BRL-Cad and certainly plan to explore those tutorials your referenced.

    I see BRL-Cad as being the missing nudge needed to finally get me to expand beyond being a Windows only user. Better late than never and this relatively safe adventure is fun.

    • tholly



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