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Mike Robin

Sorry if this is an abuse of this feature - I've
posted to some groups and still can't get things

I've downloaded the latest wxPython (2.3.1) and it
doesn't seem to work with the latest BOA 0.0.5.
(The designer does not work properly.)

The "Latest News" only mentions 0.0.13 that works with
wxPython 2.3.0. If indeed BOA 0.0.5 doesn't work with
2.3.1, where can I get 2.3.0? The wxPython page seems
to only have 2.3.1 available.

Sorry if I'm just not seeing something...



By: mikerobin ( Mike Robin )
Can't get desiger to run... [ reply ]
2001-10-01 22:42
[Boa 0.0.5, Win2000, Python 2.1, WxPython2.3]

Boa seems to (more or less) work ok,
up to the point I try and start the form designer. At
that point, no re-painting updating of any kind occurs
anywhere in the app (including the target wxframe)
until I exit the designer - then Boa starts working
Any ideas?


By: mikerobin ( Mike Robin )
RE: Can't get desiger to run... [ reply ]
2001-10-02 13:05
Here are more details:
It appears some things do work:
(1) If I click *twice* when I move to new location,
things work a little. For example, if the focus is on
the new wxframe (for example) and I click on a tab in
the inspector, the first click will select the new
tab, but not redraw it's contents. A second click on
the tab will redraw it's contents. Doing this I was
able to change a few properties.

(2) This trick does not work when trying to selected a
component - the second click will not select a
component, so I can't add anything to the frame.

(3) If I try the color chooser from the inspector, Boa
will appear to hang until I exit the designer, and
then the chooser will appear.

(4) When I run the test application and move the
frame, no re-paint is done at the old position, so it
leaves phantom windows behind.

Looks to me like something is off in event-processing.

I should also mention that the wxPython demo works



  • Riaan Booysen

    Riaan Booysen - 2001-10-05

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    Hi Mike sorry for the delay,

    Boa 0.0.5 needs wxPython 2.2.5
    Boa 0.0.13 (available via CVS on SourceForge) requires wxPython 2.3.0

    Both these wxPython versions is available from here:

    Good luck,

  • Riaan Booysen

    Riaan Booysen - 2001-10-05
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