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Boa Constructor 0.5.1 in CVS

Many new features including I18N support in the IDE and for your applications. People interested in translating Boa please contact me.

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2006-10-12

Boa Constructor 0.4.0 released

Boa Constructor 0.4.0 has been released.
The main focus of this release is wxPython 2.5 compatibility and source generation in the GUI designer.

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2005-03-18

Boa Constructor - 0.2.6 in CVS

Since the 0.2.3 release, the following major features were added (and are available in CVS): Sizers; Support for sub-menus and separators; Alternative image handling with modules; Support for BicycleRepairMan; Help projects; and Improved plug-in preferences/settings handling. Boa Constructor,'s August Project of the Month, is
a RAD GUI-building IDE for wxPython.... read more

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2003-08-13

CVS updated - 0.1.5

* Generated source can now be wrapped over multiple lines.
Lines are only broken up after commas, inside brackets,
but this works well enough.
3 new Preferences added to the General->Code generation
section. This feature is now on by default.
* I've abandoned the strategy of renaming plug-ins to disable them.
This was too unfriendly for things like CVS.
Also plug-ins can now be ordered.
Both these changes are implemented with a new file called in your Plug-ins directory which defines the
list of disabled and ordered plugin names.
Ordered plug-ins are executed first (in order!)
Everything can be managed thru the GUI under
Preferences->Plug-ins->Plug-in files.
* Improved Find/Replace dialog.
Now supports 'Find in files' and seaching in the Explorer.
Thanks to Roman Yakovenko for the patches!
* Refactored Controller menu/toolbar definitions to use the
same format that View menu/toolbar definitions uses.
One visible result of this is that menu items can now display images.
* Improved tab support. The frame designer can now properly generate
tab indented code.
People who care about this, please test as I don't use this.
* Added
This is an image editor I hacked up ages ago.
(I needed masked PNG support!)
I just wrapped up the editor as a Boa View.
It's rough but it works ;)
(Hint: When editing images with masks, set the mask again before
saving, otherwise the previous mask is used)
* Shortcut keys now work better on Linux (Ctrl-S works!!!).
* Composite controls like wxGrid now work properly in the Designer
on Linux.
Unfortunately many other controls still misbehave on Linux :(
* Added wxSpinCtrl
* Zope: Added SiteErrorLog support.
Just delete your zoa folder in your Zope root and the new
zoa will be automatically installed.
* Removed the bundled PyChecker from the repository.
Boa now tries to use the one installed on your system.... read more

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2003-01-05

Major CVS update

Version 0.0.13 is now available from CVS. wxPython 2.3.0 required.

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2001-09-05

CVS version works with wxPython 2.3.0

The CVS repository has been updated.
Most importantly, it includes fixes to be compatible with wxPython 2.3.0.
If you are using the last release of Boa (0.0.5), please revert to wxPython 2.2.5

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2001-06-30

CVS updated

Bug fixes and simple COM support added.

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2001-04-10

0.0.5 Released

Boa Constructor 0.0.5 is ready for download.
Major changes:
* New Explorer supporting many 'datasources' (File, FTP, CVS, Zope, SSH)
* Better Zope support including Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete,
import, export, creation and property management
* Many Frame Designer and Object Inspector improvements
* Multiple select
* Cut, copy & paste of controls
* Anchors for window layout
* Detailed getting started guide and tutorial
* Loads of bug fixes... read more

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2001-03-19

CVS Updated: Attention NT users

The cvs has been updated with a lot of work in progress.
For NT users there is a workaround for the file dialog / cursor keys problem.
Boa optionally has it's own file dialog now.
Other highlights:
* More Zope support:
* Standard object creation (Documents, methods, folders etc)
* Management functions (cut/copy/paste/delete/export/import)
* Zope property maintenance in the object inspector
* Designer features:
* Multiple selection (in progress)
* Cut / Copy / Paste (collections not supported yet)

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2000-09-28

Boa Constructor 0.0.4

Boa Constructor 0.0.4 has been released.
Interested parties help yourselves.

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2000-09-04

CVS Updated

The CVS has been updated and patches would be appreciated.

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2000-06-27

wxPython 2.1.16

The wxPython 2.1.16 release removed 'Magic Methods'. These were special method names for events that did not have to be explicitly connected to the event. As of 2.1.16 these events no longer fire.

Until the next release of Boa (soon I promise) I suggest you use Boa with an earlier version.

If you want to fix this, hook up the close event in all frames that define the OnCloseWindow method, add the following to their __init__:... read more

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2000-06-19

The homepage is up!

Posted by Riaan Booysen 2000-02-29