#18 ZOPE https transport

J. Paessler


I would like to connect to our ZOPE servers which are
only manageable via https.

Are there plans to give Boa a https transport support?

Or can I setup this easily on my own?

Thank you very much for this great IDE. It makes ZOPE
development so much easier. I'm glad.



  • Riaan Booysen

    Riaan Booysen - 2003-08-09

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    Hi Joern,

    Glad you find Boa useful!

    About https, I'd like to support it, but don't really know
    what is required.

    With your help maybe we can add support.

    Please send me samples of accessing a Zope server over
    https via xmlrpc and via Zope Corp's Client.py

    If there is a simple way to use both these transports, Boa can
    support https.


  • Riaan Booysen

    Riaan Booysen - 2003-08-09
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  • J. Paessler

    J. Paessler - 2003-08-09

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    Hi Riaan,

    thank you so much for this quick response.
    I tried to make this working but I didn't succeed.
    To make the class HTTPS importable from the module httplib
    the file _socket.pyd has to be replaced in the standard
    python installation.
    I fond a replacement here:
    And the HTTPS module was importable. But unfortunately Boa
    didn't like this change of configuration. After the modification
    Boa failed to connect via normal http. So I undoed the steps.
    I am unfortunately not too much into encryption and python.
    So I actually dont know neither how to it. ;(

    But anyway Boa keeps being the thing I always wanted since
    I started with Zope. How do you like the idea of either
    - keeping the Explorer tab in the editor always visible (it
    tends to be pushed out of view to the left) or
    - providing the possibility to leave it always visible, e.g. in an
    extra window like the inspector?

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Joern


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