#19 Provide code completion by default


Currently you need to hit ctrl-space to get the code-
completion drop-down. For new users (and some of us
old-timers) it's generally better to make this
automatically run when '.' is hit after an identifier,
with an option somewhere to turn off the behaviour
(replacing it with the current behaviour).

Same basic idea for calltips, by default show them
when identifier( is typed, let people turn it off if
they don't like it after trying it. Otherwise they're
not likely to know it's there.


  • Riaan Booysen

    Riaan Booysen - 2001-08-18

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    The code completion support in Boa is not as good as in PythonWin, so usually you will see a blank list, but I
    must agree that a lot of users probably expect it after '.' & '('

    I'll see if I can sneak this in ;)

  • Riaan Booysen

    Riaan Booysen - 2001-08-18
    • assigned_to: nobody --> riaan
    • status: open --> closed

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