#7 Black squares

Amir Karger

I've just used MacPorts to install blobwars 1.17 on top of libsdl 1.2.14_8. Blobwars starts up OK, but when playing the game (both grasslands and flooded tunnel) the screen has black squares in various locations, as shown in the attached png. Sometimes (always?) the black squares have a bit of grass or flowers on them. If Bob (or other characters) go through the black squares, the characters, cherries, whatever disappear until they come out of the black region. I'm a total newbie to macports, SDL, and Blobwars, so pardon me if this is a well known problem. It makes the game pretty impossible to play, though. The black squares appear in the "trailer" movie, but not in other screens like the options screen or the map.




  • Alan Trulock

    Alan Trulock - 2011-07-21

    I get the same results using Fink. My workaround at this time is to revert to revert to SDL_image 1.2.5. Experiments with a Frameworks version of the game result in SDL_image 1.2.3 through 1.2.7 working. SDL_image 1.2.8 simply will not run at all. Anything higher and I get the black backgrounds surrounding the images.


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