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BitAnarch project suspended until Q2 2004

Due to the fact that there was absolutely no other developers supporting this project, and that I'm going to face the A-level examination next year. I can no longer work on this project and all the progress on this project will stop from now on.

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-09-06

BitAnarch 1.0.5 Final is here, NOW!!

THE Bittorrent client you've been waiting for! :-)

1.0.5 FINAL:
Bugfix: crashes at program termination/when the machine is very busy
Bugfix: Error message does not appear in non-English language settings
Silent allocation for NTFS
Stability greatly increased
CPU usage greatly decreased when minimized
System newsreader is now used to view nntp messages
The "Stay on top" setting now effects immediately, restart is no longer needed
Download rate limit
A spiced up user interface

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-08-10

BitAnarch 1.0.5 Final will be out in next week

This version will include fixes for the occasional crashes, MUCH decreased CPU usage, and a polished GUI interface.

Also you'll be able to set the download speed limit in the final version.

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-08-08

BitAnarch 1.0.5-beta2 is available

This version mainly fixes the date format bug in beta1, which makes it hang when it's scanning news servers when the day of month is <10.

Other additions include minor GUI bugfixes, and some speedups.

Bugfix: newsgroup scanner hangs
Bugfix: network status doesn't resize correctly
Bugfix: recorded seeds are not counted after download is finished
Bugfix: automation panel in preferences is now initialized correctly
Bugfix: main window does not pop up when BA is opening file thru IPC
The date and time parser for newsgroup headers adheres to RFC 2822 now
Changed the priority setting from "idle" to "below normal" when BA is minimized
* Please report if this reduces BA's crashes or not... read more

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-08-06

BitAnarch 1.0.5 has reached beta status!

Beta1 is out now! It should have solved most major bugs present in the alpha versions.

Improvements in this beta version include
1. A new option to let BitAnarch start with Windows. BA can now reside on the Windows taskbar peacefully and whenever you double click on a .torrent file, the resident BA instance will be called up to download it.
2. A much faster newsgroup scanning algorithm has been implemented. If you have a good broardband connection, scanning medium sized BitTorrent newsgroups is just a matter of a blink of the eye! You'll notice significant speed up in the scanner even if you have a slower connection.

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-07-30

BitAnarch 1.0.5-Alpha3 is available

BitAnarch is getting more stable and mature DAILY! Thanks to all the bug testers out there, all your postings to hkpcug.opensource really accelerates the development process a lot! BitAnarch is the most compact BitTorrent client ever. It is available in three languages, with multiple downloads support, full unicode filename support, newsgroup scanning, automation, drag and drop support, etc. you name it. With a RAM usage of less than 10MB!... read more

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-07-29

BitAnarch 1.0.5-Alpha2 available

- A lot of bugfixes that I don't bother to remember them all, stability is
increased a lot
- Handles all opening files in one instance
- New options to limit the no. of messages to download from a newsgroup
- You can now cancel the lengthy process of scanning a newsgroup

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-07-26

BitAnarch 1.0.5 Alpha version available

Completely rewritten GUI codes
Changed name to "BitAnarch"
Unicode support
Full i18n support
Multiple downloads
Automatic bandwidth distribution
Search, retrieve, log .torrents from newsgroups
Drag and drop support
Get .torrent from URL support
Download files from a folder
Bugfix: "Time used" not updated in many circumstances

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-07-24

BitAnarch 1.0.5 delayed

BA 1.0.5 will be delayed for a few days, because I'm busy at my schoolworks and university courses recently.

Sorry for any inconvenience

You can find some preliminary screenshots in news:// for the new UI and i18n support, though they're already pretty old.

Stay tuned for any updates :)

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-07-13

Change in license terms from BitAnarch 1.0.5

Codes that are not parts of the original BitTorrent and BitTorrent Experimental versions will be licensed under the General Public License version 2, instead of the MIT license.

The aforementioned codes will contain a notice about the fact that it's licensed under the GPL so to make it clear from the MIT license.

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-06-28

BitAnarch 1.0.5 will be available at 10th July, 2003

Features in 1.0.5 include:

- Full i18n capability (we just need translators)
1.0.5 will have Traditional Chinese, English and
probably Simplified Chinese translations initially.

- Unicode support (e.g. unicode filenames)
- Multiple downloads in one instance
- Search and subscribe to BitTorrent newsgroups
- Records of upload/download statistics
- History of downloaded files, for re-seeding
- Drag 'n Drop for support
- Download speed limit
- Comprehensive documentation... read more

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-06-28

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