BitAnarch 1.0.5-beta2 is available

This version mainly fixes the date format bug in beta1, which makes it hang when it's scanning news servers when the day of month is <10.

Other additions include minor GUI bugfixes, and some speedups.

Bugfix: newsgroup scanner hangs
Bugfix: network status doesn't resize correctly
Bugfix: recorded seeds are not counted after download is finished
Bugfix: automation panel in preferences is now initialized correctly
Bugfix: main window does not pop up when BA is opening file thru IPC
The date and time parser for newsgroup headers adheres to RFC 2822 now
Changed the priority setting from "idle" to "below normal" when BA is minimized
* Please report if this reduces BA's crashes or not

Improved the network status refresh algorithm a bit to increase its efficiency

Posted by Kou Man Tong 2003-08-06

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