I've been using an eibd server as connection demuxer on my openwrt buffalo device. It works very fine for most purposes, it's a fantastic piece of software!

I've needed to avoid eibd (and connect directly to my ip router) only in two cases:

-to assign individual addresses to (new) KNX devices using ETS (other ETS programming works well through the eibd).
-to connect Control4 using tisco KNX drivers to my KNX bus. Some poor communication between KNX and Control4 exists through the eibd-buffalo (it sometimes able to read temperature sensors, and sometimes I can be able to turn on or off some light, but it looses connection almost immediately). Control4 however seems to speak KNX quite well when connected straight to the KNX IP Router.

The Control4/Tisco KNX seems to occupy all the 4 simultaneous ip connections that my KNX IP Router (Gira 216700) should have. Therefore I've needed to put the eibd connection demuxer in front of the KNX IP Router.

However, I've also got a Gira USB interface which I today connected straight to the eibd-buffalo device. I could dedicate the ip router to Control4 if the usb device could provide as good eibd backend communication as I'm used to using the IP Router.

I'm using the exact same binaries as earlier, they've been running successfully using knx ip router for a long time.
This is how I've been starting eibd using the ip router:

/usr/bin/eibd --daemon \
    --listen-local \
    --Discovery \
    --Tunnelling \
    --Routing \
    --Server \
    --listen-tcp \
    --eibaddr=0.0.1 \
    --daemon=/var/log/eibd.log \

Now, with the Gira usb interface connected instead of KNX IP Router, I guess I should replace the line above with something like:

/usr/bin/eibd --daemon \
    --listen-local \
    --Discovery \
    --Server \
    --Tunnelling \
    --Routing \
    --eibaddr=0.0.2 \
    --listen-tcp \

Nothing happens.

When I accidentally first tried to connect to /dev/ttyUSB0, I was able to connect from ETS and other KNX apps to eibd, and I was able to see the client apps communication attempts to the backbone from eibd. But no knx actuators reacted of course.

When trying to connect to /dev/ttyS0 it more like hangs, nothing happens.

/usr/bin/eibd  \
    > --listen-local \
    > --Discovery \
    > --Server \
    > --Tunnelling \
    > --Routing \
    > --eibaddr=0.0.2 \
    > --listen-tcp \
    > ft12:/dev/ttyS0 -t2
    Layer 1(00897878,520158C9) Open
    Layer 1(00897878,520158C9) Opened
    Layer 1(00897878,520158C9) SendReset
    Layer 1(00897878,520158C9) Send(007): A9 1E 12 34 56 78 9A
    Layer 1(00897878,520158C9) Send(007): A9 00 18 34 56 78 0A

Then nothing. Is anyone able to suggest something to test? What have I missed?

dmesg tells me:

    usb 1-1: new full-speed USB device number 15 using ehci-platform

lsusb reveals the following:

      idVendor           0x135e 
      idProduct          0x0022 
      bcdDevice            1.03
      iManufacturer           1 Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
      iProduct                2 KNX-USB Data Interface
      iSerial                 0

I would very much appreciate some help!

Best regards,