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BCU SDK with eibd / News: Recent posts

BCU SDK 0.0.5 released

Importaned changes:
* New USB library supporting USB access via udev or usbfs
* NAT support for KNXnet/IP Tunneling (Server and Client iptn:<ip>)
* Dynamic version of C eibd client library available
* Client library ported to new languages - currently supported languages: :NET (C#), C, Java, Perl, Pyhton, FreePascal, PHP
* Various bug fixes

Sources are available via a signed GIT tag, the SF.net file release system or my homepage.... read more

Posted by Martin Koegler 2011-03-06

BCU SDK 0.0.4 released

The biggest change is the remove of exceptions. This should result in a better stability on cygwin. On embedded system, you can now compile eibd without any C++ library (--without-libstdc++) with gcc.

The C# client library is now offical part of the sources.

A few new example programs were added (groupsocketswrite, groupsocketwrite, knxtool).

The EIBnet/IP Tunneling client has some NAT support [although its from the security point of view better to use a VPN tunnel instead]. ... read more

Posted by Martin Koegler 2009-01-09

BCU SDK 0.0.3 released

Apart from various bug fixes, the following changes happened:

- eibd client library:
* new functions EIBReset, EIB_MC_Write_Plain
* the parameter order for EIB_LoadImage has changed
* C library new consists of many small objects files, so only neccesary parts are linked
* (experimental[1]) implementation of the library in PHP
* (experimental[1]) implementation of the library in Java
* (experimental[1]) implementation of the library in C# (distributed as extra file EIBConnection.cs)... read more

Posted by Martin Koegler 2007-11-18

BCU SDK released

BCU SDK has been released, which fixes several problems:
* Sync Sourceforge.net version with version at my homepage
* Fix message delivery inconsistencies between backends
* Fix build with option --without-pth-test
* Scripts explicitly depend on bash
* Optimizations in the Tracing code
* Fix some memory leaks

I recommend everyone to upgrade from older BCU SDK versions.

mfg Martin Kögler

Posted by Martin Koegler 2006-12-10

BCU SDK 0.0.2 released

BCU SDK 0.0.2 was released. Apart from bug fixes, it contain the following new features:

New features:

* asynchrous eibd client library

It is now possbile to use the eibd client library in a non block way (see *poll.c in the examples directory).

* new development build mode

As the creation/maintaince of the configuration description (XML file) during development is complicated, it is now possibly to specify the configuration in special blocks in the BCU configuration (see build.dev).... read more

Posted by Martin Koegler 2006-11-12

BCU SDK 0.0.1 released

This is a mostly a maintenance release, fixing all known bugs. eibd also offers a new interface which supports the use of multiple group addresses over one single client connection. Every user is recommended to upgrade.

Release 0.0.1 of the GNU M68HC05 toolchain (m68hc05) is available, too. It is recommended to upgrade this package as well.

pthsem 2.0.5 was also released, but there is no need to upgrade.... read more

Posted by Martin Koegler 2005-12-28

Initial Upload to SF.net

The sources of all BCU SDK components are now also available at SF.net. For install instructions, read sdkdoc.pdf and the home page.

Posted by Martin Koegler 2005-10-12