Alestan - 2012-07-21

If you are wanting to be able to include a mac address for each entry in the pgsql database, I've made the patch to bandwidthd for it available here:

It also includes a bunch of whitespace cleanups, no more mixed tabs and spaces.  That diff is taken against the latest bandwidthd from the debian repository.  It only works with pgsql, and has no front-end for pulling the mac address back out of the database, you're on your own for that.  Also, it expects to find a file called either in the same directory as bandwidthd or somewhere on the python library path.  That file does the actual mac lookup, how it does it is up to you.  I've made a sample one available here:
It expects an external resource to build a table of ip to mac translations inside the database, and just pulls from there. 

I think that's about all you'll need to know.  if there is enough interest, I can probably make a source tarball for it available too.