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Bandwidthd 2.0.1 Released - Even Windows!

Bandwidthd 2.0.1 has added database support, but it's real focus has been on cross platform ease of use. Bandwidthd now compiles on all the major platforms, and just to prove it I released a precompiled windows package :)

Posted by David R Hinkle 2005-01-12

New Database Code in CVS

I have started a new development effort to bring database support to bandwidthd. This feature will allow multiple instances of bandwidthd on different computers to run with almost no overhead gathering traffic statistics and posting them to a central database. The data will then be graphed on demand with php. The central idea of this project is to give advanced users a way to scale and customize bandwithd output relativly easily.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2004-12-31

10,000 Download Edition Released :)

New edition tracks bandwidth use over 2 day, 8 day, 40 day and 400 day periods for all ip addresses. :) Also, logging is available for 2.5 minute, 10 minute, 1 hour and 12 hour periods. Enjoy.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2004-01-14

Project CVS now open

Changes for BSD compatibility were checked in today, and should be visible tommorow. (Makefile should be version 1.2). Try it out and let me know. Maintenence release of bandwidthd soon with these fixes.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-12-02

Bandwidthd Data Now Persistent Across Restarts!

Bandwidthd can now be configured to reload it's data from it's log files on startup.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-11-10

Bandwidthd integrated into XMule

Bandwidthd has been chosen by xMule as thier statistics engine do to it's efficancy and ease of integration. :) E-mail me if you'd like help integrating bandwidthd with your project :)

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-10-07

Bandwidthd confirmed to run under Bsd, Linux and Solaris!

Compiles and runs :)

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-10-07

Bandwidthd makes top 500 projects of all time! Rank: 347

I don't have any idea how the rankings are calculated, the daily rankings don't really make any sense to me :) But I'm glad we broke into the top 500.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-10-03

Bandwidthd 1.1.2 borked, 1.1.3 released

Bandwidthd 1.1.2 will only compile under solaris :) bandwidthd 1.1.3 fixes that.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-09-22

Bandwidthd 1.1.2 Released!

Now works under Solaris!

Increased sample size to 100 bytes in order to avoid future bugs resulting
from trying to categorise by information in the tcp header when ip options
are present.

New Look!

Several bug fixes.

Posted by Brice Beaman 2003-09-21

Bandwidthd 1.1.1 Released

Fixed an important bug that caused bandwidthd not to increment http and p2p counters when using a more recent version of libpcap.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-09-16

Bandwidthd 1.1.0 Released!

:) Due to all the hits and downloads I decided to spend some time working over bandwidthd. I've put all the configuration variables in the conf file where they should be, added logging. Added the ability to track bandwidthd when the host isn't the router, but only needs to be on the same hub as the router. Added a legend to all the graphs. Thrown in a logo graphic :) Enjoy guys.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-09-15

Bandwidthd Stable Released

Our first public release of bandwidthd is here. It is a stable and low utilization way of tracking your bandwidth usage by ip address. Runs on multiple platforms, written in C with few library dependancies, bandwidthd will track, graph, and color code your network traffic by ip address. Output is html and png.

Posted by David R Hinkle 2003-09-12