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AzSMRC 1.0.0 Released

Finally after more than a year I decided to release the final 1.0 of AzSMRC.
It is still not perfect but way better than 0.9.9 so I thought you guys deserve a Christmas present.
Many of you have kept faith in us and are still using AzSMRC over all the years.
One of the reasons 1.0 took so long is because Omschaub stopped working on it (this is for you, Marc, best wishes to you and your family).
I also like to thank Toni Uebernickel for his Ajax WebUI, Alexis Brunet for the Firefox plugin and all the others who helped making AzSMRC to what it is today.... read more

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2008-12-24

AzSMRC 0.9.9 RC Released

This Release has taken some time but it was worth it. There are Tons of additons and bugfixes.
Try it now!

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2007-03-12

ScaneRSS 0.9.5 Released

We are happy to announce that ScaneRSS 0.9.5 was released today.

-heavily improved TorrentDownloader
-improved UI
-changed the default UserAgent
-ability to backup and restore settings
-custom feed icons
-added lookup support
-added support for file://
-Pattern Assitant can be accessed from Main view
-added FeedItem info field

-fixed bug in DownloadHistory, where Season was allways displayed as Season 1

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2006-10-29

ScaneRSS 0.9.0 Released

-Support for HTTPS connection and self signed certificates.
-Better Parsing for Torrents in html pages
-fixed Torrent downloader bug

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2006-08-25

AzSMRC 0.9.8 Released

Changelog for Version: 0.9.8

***New Features***

- Open-With support in Windows (it is suggested that you download and install the Setup.exe)
- Ability to allow only one instance of AzSMRC to run at any time (Needed for Open-With support)
- Enhanced the Splash Screen
- Show average speed in Download Finished message
- Option to pause torrents for a specific time.
- New windows AzSMRC.exe -- File is much smaller and has it's own process name
- Proxy Support... read more

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2006-08-23

AzSMRC 0.9.7 Released

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2006-07-16

AzSMRC 0.9.6 Released

Mainly a bug-fix release with a few new features. Be sure to check it out!

Posted by omschaub 2006-05-29

Version 0.9.5 Released

We have releasted Version 0.9.5. Give it a try. Many bug fixes and a whole bunch of new features!

***NOTE: you will need to update your as there is one new dependent library in the package that needs to be placed in the plugin and remote directory. The auto-updater will take care of the remote for you, but as of now you will HAVE to put the file manually in your plugin directory. ... read more

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2006-05-27

Version 0.9.3 Released

Come try the latest version of the MOST detailed remote control & multi user system for Azureus. We are quickly heading for a 1.0 release!

Posted by omschaub 2006-03-31