AzSMRC 0.9.8 Released

Changelog for Version: 0.9.8

***New Features***

- Open-With support in Windows (it is suggested that you download and install the Setup.exe)
- Ability to allow only one instance of AzSMRC to run at any time (Needed for Open-With support)
- Enhanced the Splash Screen
- Show average speed in Download Finished message
- Option to pause torrents for a specific time.
- New windows AzSMRC.exe -- File is much smaller and has it's own process name
- Proxy Support


- Allow for 'ForceStart' of more than one torrent at a time
- Switched logger (console output) over to log4j for better organized and more detailed logging


- AzSMRC will not crash anymore if systray is not available

Posted by Leonard Brünings 2006-08-23

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