#48 ScaneRSS Linked Download History across filters


Linked Download History across filters

the point is to have different filters, feeds and different settings (categories and start options for me) to be linked to a single download history so that only one torrent is downloaded.

admittedly there are likely a number of paths to achieve this end but I gave it some thought and this is what i came up with on how to do it:

firstly add an extra option to the download history radio buttons titled "linked to other filter" or some such, which then pops up/ shows a drop down list of the other filters which can be chosen from (maybe filtering out the filters that aren't download history enabled
once setup, when the filter matches the download history it is checked against the selected filter's download history.

this feature would be really great to see if possible (in one form or another)


  • Leonard Brünings

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  • Leonard Brünings

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    Well this is not easy to do with the current design since the DownloadHistory is a "child" of the Filter.
    Could you give me an example on how you would use this.


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