Version 0.9.7 Released

  • Leonard Brünings

    After hard work we are proud to release the new Version. As you can see we haven't been idle.

    Changelog for Version: 0.9.7

    ***New Features***

    - Main tables are now sortable by column
    - My Tracker tab added to manage shares.  Includes Hosting and Publishing of a torrent file
    - Added the ability to use sounds
    - A normal user can now change their password remotely
    - Added a Scrape and Announce button to the torrent details tab
    - Double-Clicking on the connection icon or the SSL icon will now open the Server Details tab


    - Display the how long it took to complete the download in the sliding alert window
    - Major work on the Downloads and Seeding tables to increase speed and stability
    - Tray menu now includes a 'silent mode' to disable all sounds
    - Tray menu now includes disable all Popups switch
    - Tray menu and ToolBar menu now includes a quick pause feature to pause torrents for a given amount of time
    - Added an Update File stats button to the files sub tab of the torrent details
    - Enhanced Scrape Dialog some to allow for passing a torrent file to it directly
    - Many tweaks to the transfer packages to reduce their size, especially if there are many stopped torrents


    - Fix 'Manage Users' so that all features now work
    - Fixed many SWT errors for Update Dialog and ServerUpdate Dialog
    - Fixed the updater so that it works correctly now
    - Fixed many Null Point Errors and Widget is Disposed Errors

    • happy happy joy joy

      Looks very slick :)

      I've just put it on & all seems well sofar, can't wait for a torrent to finish to hear the new sounds feature.

      When is AzSMRC gonna become mainstream & listed on the azureus page?
      It's by far the best remote for Azureus there is!!

      Great job


    • Leonard Brünings

      Sounds are not packaged with AzSMRC so you need to get your own sounds.

      You can download some sounds here I suggest using those from "Kristopher Edwards" they are really good.

      AzSMRC will not become mainstream before Az is released.

      • happy happy joy joy

        thanks Leonard, I never realised I needed to get some sounds.

    • Loz

      Loz - 2006-07-20

      Cheers for this, I'll give it a go now :]

      The ability to sort will be useful for people with alot of torrents running.. (me)


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