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  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman

    Hey guys, I completely forgot about this project.

    The application has had pretty consistent updates. The history is located at:


    I have just uploaded the latest version to here, there are multiple bug fixes from the previous version on here.

    Version 2 is also in the works, with the source code to come along with it.

    Last edit: Sean Chapman 2013-09-09
  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman

    New Version Up!

    • Attempted fix of the Hot Keys grid on the Settings tab causing an error (likely caused by invalid devices getting saved across configs)
    • Found and fixed a Day-Zero hotkey issue which prevents the any bound hotkey from functioning in any other application. (if you bound Ctrl + S, you could not use this combination anywhere else)
    • Corrected the updating of the devices when they actually change!
    • Changed the Auto update checking to xxx hours, because we all know this doesn't get updated much!

    • Possibly one of the last releases for Version 1.x, look out on the horizon for Version 2.0

    Last edit: Sean Chapman 2014-08-24
  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman

    • Fixed an issue with hotkeys causing the add function to never work
    • Fixed an issue with quick switch causing an error
    • Fixed quick switch. It now actually switches favourite devices correctly.

    • Added dual switch mode, which switches the default communications device along with the device default device. Affects Quick Switch, Hotkeys and Tray Switching.

    • Fixed the positioning of the dual switch setting
    • Updated twitter handle to the correct one :)
    Last edit: Sean Chapman 2014-09-29
  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman
    2014-11-10 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1

    • Now using .NET 4. Audio Api only support .NET4 and above, so v1 had to be updated.
    • Replaced the old Audio Switching Api with the version used in 2.0. MUCH more stable and faster than the old library.
    • Full eventing, no more "random" refreshing of devices in the UI. The UI auto updates when the devices change.
    • Added show/hide for disabled and disconnected devices.
    • Updated the packaging method & exe signing
    • AutoUpdater has also been upgraded to .NET4
    • Split the hotkeys into a separate tab, as there are too many settings to share the page now :)
    • Minor tweaks to the config file, should be seamlessly backwards compatible with the old settings ini

    Please note 1.6 is a Release Candidate, as in, it's better than a Beta, but not quite 100% stable.

    If you run into any issues, please post them here or create a github gist, and link the url.


    Last edit: Sean Chapman 2014-11-12
  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman

    • Fixed a few UI issues
    • Updated to Audio Api 1.2.0, for stability improvements
    • First .NET 4.0 full release

    Busy few weeks prepping this, now it's time to rest.