BeNours - 2013-07-10

Missing informations: We are using Tulip 4.1.

After adding the suffix to libraries, the FindTulip.cmake need to be modified (see attachment for an idea of modifications to realize. Currently, the modifications done are made for our internal use).

And finally, the must be modified to remove the check of tulip build mode.

Moreover, it stay a problem when loading plugins.
Two solutions are available.

  1. When loading plugins (in PluginLibraryLoader.cpp), modify the searched suffixes to add the _debug suffix (*_debug.dll, etc.) when we are in debug. And when in release, a suffix _release could be added
  2. After the plugin is loaded, plugin provides symbols to verify the compilation mode of the plugin is the same than the core (the version could be checked by the same way).
    But with this solution, the plugin must contain no static variables that register informations in the core, otherwise some obvious problems can appear.