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  • Posted a comment on ticket #871 on Tulip

    According to the dot grammar found in the graphviz master git repository optcomma does not include ';' See line 180 to 182 optcomma: / empty / | ',' ;

  • Committed [r12783]

    Tulip 5.1.0 tag

  • Created a blog post on Tulip

    Tulip 5.1 is available

  • Committed [r12778]

    AppImage fix: symbolic link to python lib must be local

  • Committed [r12773]

    Before running a gui test, backup Tulip.conf file in a temporary created file to avoid any conflict with an existing file

  • Committed [r12771]

    Ready for Tulip 5.1

  • Committed [r12752]

    update tulip agent screenshots according to Tulip 5

  • Committed [r12751]

    AboutTulipPage fix for crash when querying some OpenGL infos: add check about firstQGLWidget validity before gl calls

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