#4 individual weapons toggle

Chris Howie

Being able to toggle the availability of each individual weapon would
be sweet. I know that right now you can alter the tech level to switch
between five or six different weapons sets, but letting the user
customize his/her own sets would be even better. Note that you
wouldn't need to program a GUI to do this; a text file would be
sufficient. Perhaps even make a new directory "weaponsets" and
atanks would scan that whole directory for text files that look like
weapon set definitions, then ask in the options menu which set to


  • Thomas Hudson

    Thomas Hudson - 2004-04-05
    • status: open --> closed
  • Thomas Hudson

    Thomas Hudson - 2004-04-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> thomash833152
  • Thomas Hudson

    Thomas Hudson - 2004-04-05

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    The major feature in the next release will be kind of this.
    There's a directory containing text files which describe the
    weapons, allowing you to include or exclude weapons as you
    like, edit existing ones and create your own.
    The definition file part is actually complete, but there are
    a lot of related changes to make it work fully, which is why
    it's taking so long...

  • Chris Howie

    Chris Howie - 2004-04-06

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    Take your time! =)

    I'd prefer a working system to one that crashes because I forgot an equals