#13 Selecting stars: do automatically


As I noted in a separate bug report,
some new users of "Astro Info" will be confused
when they open the star view and see no stars,
even though they send the stars file to the PDA.
There's a warning on-screen, but a new user won't
know what to do about it.

Fixing the documentation will help, but it'd
be great if the program could help the user
handle this automatically.

In the longer term, it'd be nice if the program
did more than just said "hey, you don't have
any catalogs loaded". Instead, it should say
"You have no catalogs selected; the view will show
little. Do you want to auto-load all catalogs?"
and let the user select it. That would make the
program easier to use by first-time users.
Later on, users can select specific catalogs and
so on, but please make the default the
"most likely" for a first-time user.



  • Peter Enzerink

    Peter Enzerink - 2002-02-18
    • labels: 103165 -->
    • milestone: 101891 -->
  • Peter Enzerink

    Peter Enzerink - 2002-02-18

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    The current version of AI only allows one catalogue to be
    open at a time so it would be difficult to choose an
    appropriate default.

    The next major release of AI is expected to allow multiple
    catalogues to be open and we will include some defaults
    that open first time.


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