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Astro Info 3.0 released!

New features
* more calculation performance and accuracy improvements
* improved support for grayscale/colour devices
* planet images displayed in Sky Map
* tighter integration between all forms
* improved phase drawings for solar system objects
* more information on objects
* extensive customisable preferences
* improved handling of catalogues
* hires support (for PalmOS 5.0)

Posted by Jochen Hoenicke 2007-05-13

Upgrade your PalmOS 3 device for free!

Astro Info works better on later versions of PalmOS and we will gradually raise the minimum required version as we take advantage of new hardware features.

If you have an older model Palm you may be able to download an upgrade for your version of PalmOS for free. This can deliver better performance and more features.

For III and IIIx you can upgrade to PalmOS 3.3.

For V and Vx install the PalmOS 3.5 upgrade then the 3.5.3 update.... read more

Posted by Peter Enzerink 2002-07-16

Astro Info 2.5 released!

This is a great tool for research and observing objects in our solar system as well as stars and objects beyond.

The latest version of Astro Info is now available with lots of new features and colour support!

Posted by Peter Enzerink 2002-01-21

Astro Info 2.4 beta

We have made a beta version of the next release of Astro Info available for evaluation and comment.

Please provide feedback so we can try to release this in time for XMAS.

Posted by Peter Enzerink 2001-12-14

Astro Info 2.5 is coming!

Work is progressing well on a new version of Astro Info, expected to be available before XMAS.

The next release will add:

* faster calculations
* good support for grayscale/colour devices
* better integration between all forms
* more features for "in the field" observing
* new phase drawings for solar system objects
* improved rise/set calculations
* more information on objects

and lots more!... read more

Posted by Peter Enzerink 2001-11-19