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Open Asset Import Library / News: Recent posts

Assimp Release 2.0

Open Asset Import Library 2.0 (short name: Assimp, don't be afraid) has been released.

Assimp is a C/C++ library to import various 3D models formats in a uniform data structure. It aims at providing a full asset conversion and cleaning pipeline for use in realtime visualization systems of any kind but is not limited to this audience.

The new version features support for static Blender 3D scenes (.blend) and Quake 3 BSPs (.pk3) as well as douzens of bugfixes and improvements for its existing loaders, especially Collada. In addition, Assimp 2.0 features vast performance improvements in some expensive post-processing steps.... read more

Posted by Alexander Gessler 2010-11-22

Release 1.1

A new release of the Open Asset Import Library (short: Assimp) is now available. Assimp is a portable library to load 3D scenes and models from 25+ different file formats, including Collada .dae, 3DSMax .3ds, Wavefront .obj, Lightwave .lwo, Milkshape .ms3d, Stanford .ply and DirectX .x. Assimp is geared mainly towards 3D engines and other GPU-accelerated rendering, providing the data in an straight-forward in-memory format and offering a multitude of post processing steps to further enhance the imported data. It supports meshes including multiple UVs, vertex colors and tangent space, bones, scene hierarchies, materials, node/bone animations, lights and cameras. The post processing steps include cleanup, validation, normal and tangent space generation, vertex cache optimisation, righthand to lefthand conversation and many more.... read more

Posted by Alexander Gessler 2010-04-17

New download packages for Assimp

Recently we uploaded new downloadable packages for Assimp - Open Asset Import Library, a free C/C++ library to import various common 3d file formats. The packages are basing on SVN revision 283. We believe they represent a huge progress to the first beta, and we hope you'll enjoy them.

As always, we're looking forward to any feedback, bug reports, patches, criticism and new contributors.

Assimp Team

Posted by Alexander Gessler 2009-01-17

First beta release of Assimp

The Open Asset Import Library, short name "Assimp", is a library targeted at game developers that imports many well-known 3d model formats into applications. A few days ago, we realesed a first beta version.

Posted by Alexander Gessler 2008-09-18

Initial commit of AssetImporter library

We have moved our source from the zfxce-repo to its own repo.


Posted by Kim Kulling 2008-05-05