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#1234 Enemy List


As there is a "buddy" list, I would also like to have an "enemy" list in another tab. Members of the list could be added/removed with /addenemy and /removeenemy, or /aenemy and /renemy.

I think a list like this could serve a few different purposes in the game: It would help players remember who to be wary of and know when they are online. Also it could serve players as a "hit list" of other players that they want to attack/PK.

Attached is a mockup.


  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2013-01-19

    Enemies List Mockup

  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2013-01-19

    Enemy Offline Sprite

  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2013-01-19

    Enemy Online Sprite

  • bluelads4

    bluelads4 - 2013-01-19


    I personally don't like this idea. It promotes some kind of a bad community feeling from the beginning on when you implement such a feature in my point of view. If there are players around who don't play fair, you still can write names down but showing these in the client looks kind of bad.



  • AntumDeluge

    AntumDeluge - 2013-01-19

    I understand your point bluelads, but I still like it. The game has player killing, which already promotes somewhat of a bad community feeling. Not to mention that player killing is allowed almost anywhere in the game. The list is just a feature to aid players. Mostly it notifies them when a player they have had confrontations with in the past has joined the game. It doesn't have to be called an "enemy" list if that's what gives you the bad feeling.

    My reasoning for this idea is because the majority of players I have in my "buddies" list are not buddies. They are players who have attacked me or otherwise annoyed me. I put them in the list so that I would get a notification when joined the game, but I would rather not have them in the same list as my friends.

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    Anonymous - 2013-01-27

    That is not a bad idea with the "enemy List " it would help to keep apart the good from the bad ,
    I totally Agree with antumdeluge's idea



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