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  • titanium

    titanium - 2008-01-09

    In Stendhal, when you are fighting, for instance, an orc or a skeleton, they say different things like "um, tasty meat" and "thou shall not pass" (as well as rats squeaking, snakes hissing, etc.)

    (I haven't gotten very far yet, but those are the best examples)

    What I would like would be to specify my "fight cries", perhaps in the place where the character look is customised- so when I'm fighting my character would shout:
    "Die, scum!" or "for the honour! for the glory!" or even "macaroni and cheese!"  (It should be totally up to the player- their sense of humour etc.)

    How hard would this be to add? (I have a little java knowledge, maybe I could help?)

    A string value in the character's object?  How does the orc/whatever chat when fighting? The code here could be adapted for this.

    Oh, and the default could be silence.

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2008-01-15

      hehe cool. i don't know exactly how the creatures shout but it's called a noise value and is set in creatures.xml - hopefully you'l be able to look up 'noise' in the code and find out more, or i can investigate a bit. i like the idea!

      (setting with a slash command like how /away and /grumpy are set would probably be easiest.) something like /battlecry

    • titanium

      titanium - 2008-01-15

      thanks kymara - the file where creature noise is set is in creatures.xml, and the relevant bit is:

              <noise value="Squeak! Squeak!"/>

      Now I'm looking how to

      1) add a new slash action


      2) how to save a battle cry to a character.

    • titanium

      titanium - 2008-01-15

      (sorry indentation was lost.)

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2008-01-15

      slash actions i can help you on when i get home - i recently did /grumpy . optionally you could make the battle cry last only for one session like /away and /grumpy work. if not then you can have a player attribute for it - see how away and grumpy work as they have that too. difference is that on login they remove the away and grumpy.

      • titanium

        titanium - 2008-01-15

        Excellent. Thank you.

        I think I would like it to be something "permanent" - so you can set and forget, and obviously change as you want to.

        /battlecry sounds way cooler than "fight talk" heheheh. 

        I was wondering if there is a way to /battlecry help to get a short spiel on what it is? (also for other /whatever commands.)  However, that could mean you would be fighting with "help" "help!" as your battlecry- not exactly macho! heheheh.

        - though, you could have it so /battlecry "help!" and /battlecry help were different, yes?

        • Katie Russell

          Katie Russell - 2008-01-18

          Then you could add /battlecry and the desired description to the current /help. If you type /help you get a brief description of all slash-commands. Would that be enough do you think? Or would a /battlecry help still be needed?



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