• Damian

    Damian - 2009-10-25

    Hello. First, sorry for bad English, but I'm from Poland. I've got question: where can I get better weapon than Axe (You see a rusty but heavy axe.) and how much is it?

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2009-10-26

    Hi xayan! I would go to xin blanca in the tavern and buy a dagger for about 25 money. It has a better attack to rate ratio than your axe. (atk 8 rate 3) Generally you get even better weapons by killing creatures. I'm not sure what level you are, but perhaps you can go to http://stendhal.game-host.org/?id=content/game/creatures and look at some of the creatures you know you can kill - you can see there what weapons they drop.
    Just remember that rate matters too - lower number means hits faster. It's not just about attack.
    Hope this helps!, regards, kymara

  • Damian

    Damian - 2009-10-27


    "You see xayan.
    xayan is level 10"

    I don't have good armor, etc., so I can't kill good monsters.



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