• Fheny

    Fheny - 2012-09-24


  • Fheny

    Fheny - 2012-09-24

    Hey,Did u guys stop working on this project? Because this game have really potential,Back in days i played tibia(i hope u guys  know this game) 2002-2006.I loved this game and this game remind me a little bid of tibia,I waiting for replies!

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2012-09-24

    Hi, we're still very much in active development with regular releases - 'little and often'. We were awarded Project of the Month by SourceForge in March 2010 for example. You can see the latest news on releases at http://arianne.sf.net and if you liked Stendhal you can still play at http://stendhalgame.org - hopefully you can remember your old account details :)

  • MrDankas

    MrDankas - 2012-10-14

    I wan't ask about his game  i was see in youtube some video about his game is very cool but one time i see Polskaonline . Polska stole project or wat ?  i see new places mob and item textures.  And i ask they stole project or they are too in his project?

    Ps. If i training with 2 acc   i can got ban ? i not use bot autocliker and.
    Ps.s. I don*t speak very good english but i can read good . :D

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2012-10-18

    mrdankas: Polska Online is a fork of Stendhal.

    Stendhal is released under the GPL which is an open source license, so (simplistically speaking), the code can be reused and re-released provided any changes which are distributed, are also released under the GPL. That way we grow and share together. You can probably find a link to the source code Polska Online are using, somewhere on their website.

    On training: you can find the Stendhal Rules at http://stendhalgame.org/wiki/Stendhal_Rules - any kind of automation is forbidden, and so is account sharing. If you're unclear on what they mean, please ask.

    Also a recommendation: if you are training characters or just idling, then for the safety of your account you should take care not to leave your characters unattended or computer unattended with your characters logged in.



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