#3943 it takes me offline for no reason


I'm walking along and then, all of a sudden, when I go to another map, it takes forever to load, and then, it gives me that little flashing off line graphic, then I have to reboot the whole thing! This has happened at least 20 times now.


  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2008-09-28
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  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2008-09-28

    Clients can crash for many reasons. But there always *is* a reason. It is just a case of finding it. Sometimes your internet connection stops talking to the server's internet connection for long enough that you time out. Sometimes your client crashes because of a bug in code, and sometimes it runs out of heap space (java memory). There are of course other causes too. Your brief description makes me think that you are experiencing the latter, however:
    - last time i got an out of heap space error i got a message telling me it was exactly that
    - we already set the heapspace higher for you than the default of 64mb in the hidden file .hotspotrc in your client folder.

    Just in case, you could try setting the heap space limit higher still, i use the command line switch -Xmx200m when i startup. eg:
    java -Xmx200m -jar /home/katie/client/stendhal-0.69.jar &

    As I said, this is only a guess based on your vague descriptions. To really help you we need:
    - your java version
    - your OS
    - if you are running the release client 0.69 or otherwise
    - if you use webstart or downloaded client
    - anything else which might be relevant

    Most importantly if you try running from a command prompt you should see any error
    messages which may be important, we need to know them. Alternatively if you have created the log/ directory in ~/stendhal/ or c:/documents and settings/username/stendhal/ then you should have log files there.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2008-10-15
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