#31 is owned by someone else!


I have a problem with the latest release 0.8.0, which I did not have with 0.7.2
While logged in as root, I get the error XXX mail is owned by someone else!.
Where XXX mail is the name if the email account.
The files are owned by a different user, indeed, with 700 permission. But, they were set the same from the beginning.


  • Nikolaus Schulz

    Nikolaus Schulz - 2010-09-13
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  • Nikolaus Schulz

    Nikolaus Schulz - 2010-09-13

    When run as root, archivemail up to version 0.7.2 used to automatically setuid to the owner of the mailbox it is processing. This feature has been removed - the right way is to run archivemail as the user who owns the mailbox. The check producing the error message you see was introduced to prevent any silent breakage.

    If you have other reasons to archive user mailboxes as root, please let me know; otherwise I'll close this bug.

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