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Bugfix Varchar Support

Posted by Dieter Bender 2016-09-01

Bugfix float and double support

Posted by Dieter Bender 2016-05-26

New Release deployed

Bugfix for the native part.
Commitment Controll exit only registered once


Posted by Dieter Bender 2016-05-05

CommandGate System.exit() prevention activated

Some Java Commandline tools unload the JVM at completion. Now CommandGate prevents the execution of System.exit() to keep the running JVM alive. The Java application will get a SecurityException after they have done their work - this will be sufficient in most cases.


Posted by Dieter Bender 2015-12-01

Call stored Procedure

Call stored procedure implemented
- all parameters are treated as inout, regardless the definition of the stored procedure
- parameters have to match the definition in the database
- returning ResultSet not yet implemented
- example in QSYS.LIB/JVATEST.LIB/qrpglesrc.tstcalldo

Have fun with ArdGate

Posted by Dieter Bender 2014-09-17

Thread Pool

new maintenance Release:
- changed Threading, using Pool of cached Threads
- added error monitoring for getting Timeout Property

Posted by Dieter Bender 2014-06-30

Bugfix CCSID problem

Fetching new timeout property from has had issues for some CCSIDs. This is fixed now by removing hardcoded # in Source of PROPERTIES.SRVPGM, replacing by reading from first line of

Have fun with ArdGate!


Posted by Dieter Bender 2014-06-12

Bugfix ORA_01000

enhancement for preventing open cursor leaks

Posted by Dieter Bender 2014-04-10

New property as400.timeout

From this Release the time, waiting for a response is adjustable. New property as400.timeout a value could be specified, how many seconds JVAGATE should wait for a response (without this property set, it will behave as older releases and wait unlimited). If no response is coming before the timeout occurs, JVAGATE will throw a timeout exception. JDBCGATE, the native part of ArdGate sends a SQL error to the originating requestor.
To install, the native part has to be replaced (RSTLIB). If you changed the install directory of the java part, be sure to adjust DTAARA AS4RPGPATH. The Java part is unchanged and the renewed native part should work with older releases of ArdGate.
The native part could be installed for CommandGate as well, RUNJAVARUN will percolate the timeout error to the requestor unchanged.
New build 20th january 2014: bugfix synchronisation problem.

Posted by Dieter Bender 2014-01-11


New Release of ArdGate
- enhanced CCSID support (tested with Hebrew Data)
- first Release supporting Unicode Data

Posted by Dieter Bender 2014-01-02

Run Java run

First Release of CommandGate is published. It was developed with some sponsoring of Emet Barmor (Israel).
In this step I have splitted the Projects in three parts:
AppServer4RPG.jar (the base, is needed for all applications)
ArdGate.jar (the Bridge from DB2/400 to all JDBC databases)
CommandGate.jar (the accelerator for Java commandline utilities)

AppServer4RPG.ZIP contains all components.
CommandGate.jar contains the needed components for RUNJVARUN... read more

Posted by Dieter Bender 2013-12-17


A new Application for AppServer4RPG is in development. CommandGate enables fast calls to Java Classes with main method. First evaluations of the Command RUNJAVARUN ran more than 10 times faster than RUNJVA with nearly unlimited scalability.


Posted by Dieter Bender 2013-12-13

New Documentation

I have uploaded my presentation from the european Common Conference in Vienna. It contains a detailed description about the enhanced install and startup process and other interesting information for all beginners.


Posted by Dieter Bender 2012-06-13

Vienna Edition

Preparing to the european common conference, I have enhanced the install process for the standalone edition and withdrawn the Tomcat edition. The recent deployment also includes a bugfix (CCSID support), an universal startup process for AS/400 (automatic setting of classpath) and an enhancement for server termination (deleting response Qs ends hanging client jobs).


Posted by Dieter Bender 2012-05-23

new Savefile deployed

Commit Ressource changed for SAVACT problems.
Needs install of JVAGATE.SAVF (changed programms JDBCGATE and CCEXIT)

Posted by Dieter Bender 2011-12-21

Tested with Firebird

ArdGate is now tested with:
- redirect to DB2/400
- MS SQL Server
- Oracle
- Firebird

Posted by Dieter Bender 2011-11-28

Commit implemented

New Release available:
- commit implemented
- level introduced (for backwards compatibility)
- needs native and Java part installed

Posted by Dieter Bender 2011-11-27


varchar Parameter Markers fixed
CPF2498 problem fixed
error information for connect enhanced

Posted by Dieter Bender 2011-10-20


the updates contain only AppServer4RPG.jar and are a kind of nightly builts and might contain Hotfixes. Conolidated Releases are coming only from time to time.


Posted by Dieter Bender 2011-09-03

Bug Fixes

I've added new Bugfixes for prepared Statements without Parameter Markers and CCSID Problems for Parameter Markers.
There's a new directory "Update" containing only newest AppServer4RPG.jar to replace the existing without configuration changes.


Posted by Dieter Bender 2011-09-01


Welcome to our new Team Member ugogagliardelli

Posted by Dieter Bender 2010-12-01

Tests MS SQL Server

first tests accessing MS SQL Server are looking quite nice!!!

Posted by Dieter Bender 2010-08-13

Test Oracle Express

Newest build includes fixes after testing Oracle Express (getting MetaData, SQLSTATE issues, mapping Oracle generic numeric Type to
Version is testet with DB2/400 (redirect), MySql, Oracle Express)

Posted by Dieter Bender 2010-08-13

Deployment changed

following Aaron, I have added jvagate.savf to the Beta for convinience. Sources have moved outside the War File all put together in a ZIP archive. Unzip the File and deploy AppServer4RPG to your Web Container and follow the instructions. Problems? feel free to contact me!

Posted by Dieter Bender 2010-08-11


The Beta Version of ArdGate packaged with AppServer4RPG is downloadable at the file section as WAR Archive ready to run in Tomcat and other Web Containers. The welcome index.html contains the installation and configuration guide.
The application is runnable as Java Application too, by starting de.bender_dv.jvagate.communication.Receiver.

Posted by Dieter Bender 2010-08-10