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Read Me

This is a helper script to push Android-x86 into SourceForge git server.


* In the top directory of the Android-x86 tree, clone the push script
  from SourceForge repository:

  $ git clone git://

* Switch manifest.xml to the branch you want to push:

  $ cd .repo/manifests
  $ git checkout <branch>
  $ cd ../..

* Push all projects of the specified branch in manifest.xml

  $ push/push-sf

* Push some specified projects

  $ push/push-sf <project1> <project2> ...


  $ push/push-sf bionic frameworks/base system/core

* Push a specified branch (regradless the branch of manifest.xml)

  $ push/push-sf -d <branch> <project1> <project2> ...


  $ push/push-sf -d donut-x86 frameworks/base

* How to use SourceForge mirror?

  $ mkdir android-x86
  $ cd android-x86
  $ repo init -u git://
  $ repo sync

  To checkout another branch, say donut-x86, add -b option to repo init:

  $ repo init -u git:// -b donut-x86

* Tips:

  - List all x86 projects:

  $ push/push-sf -c 'eval echo $path' x86


  $ push/push-sf -l path

  - List all non-x86 projects:

  $ push/push-sf -i -c 'eval [ "$remote" != "x86" ] && echo $path' | grep -v Failed


  $ push/push-sf -i -l path

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