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AjaxExplorer: Beta Release

AjaxExplorer - 08.12.2012

  • Update readme.
  • Tweak right click menu.
  • Fixed new bug introduced on v1.10.1.
  • FileTree width are now save and load from cookies and can be adjust from "System Cookies"
Posted by Sid 2012-12-08

AjaxExplorer: 1.10.1 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.10.1 - 07.12.2012

  • Do some visual changes.
  • Add new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Make fields more user friendly.
  • Disable file shortcuts on focus to input/select/textarea.
  • Add new features, search file on case match and file content.
  • Save and load cookies data on user profiles on leave or sign-out.
  • Fixed chmod field, right-click menu, search result image link, cross browser bugs.
  • Highlight files by created or modified time, timeframe can be adjust via System Setting.
  • And many more...
Posted by Sid 2012-12-07

AjaxExplorer: 1.96 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.96 - 02.12.2012

  • Fixed installer session destroy bugs.
  • Fixed critical security bug on library aeFileAppend function.
Posted by Sid 2012-12-02

AjaxExplorer: 1.95 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.95 - 24.11.2012

  • Fixed new bug introduced on 1.94v.
  • Add new link on "System Setting" to access logs file in "EditArea".
  • Add new path "L:/" to access "ae.log" folders, only admin can access it.
Posted by Sid 2012-11-24

AjaxExplorer: 1.94 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.94 - 23.11.2012

  • Do some visual changes.
  • Do some fixed on cross browser issues
Posted by Sid 2012-11-24

AjaxExplorer: 1.93 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.93 - 20.11.2012

  • Change "FileTree" resize flow.
  • Change create file and folder flow.
  • Codes are CSS 3.0 and HTML 5.0 validated.
  • Fixed some of the new bugs introduce on 1.90.
  • Add blocking mechanism on 3 times failed sign-in, default wait time is 100 seconds and can be set in "System Setting" > "Sign Failure - Retries".
Posted by Sid 2012-11-20

AjaxExplorer: 1.92 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.92 - 16.11.2012

  • Do some visual changes.
  • Add new command to terminal: search.
  • Fixed the javascript loading cleartimeout.
  • Fixed some of the new bugs introduce on 1.90.
  • Disable some of file tasks on search and recycle files.
  • When using arrow key, page scrolls base on target files.
  • Allow "Starting Directory" to be install in any location.
  • Reintroduce cancel installer features to retain old database.
  • Replace and added new file extension images with Jordan Michael file icons vs2.
  • Improve FileTree features, can resize the panel, drag files to user profiles or recycle bin for delete.
Posted by Sid 2012-11-16

AjaxExplorer: 1.91 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.91 - 14.11.2012

  • Update readme.
  • Resize preview image.
  • Minor fixed on file property.
  • Fixed manage user assign path.
  • Readjust stylesheet z-index property.
  • Readjust the keyboard shortcuts logic.
  • Added more info on user list under Manage Users.
Posted by Sid 2012-11-14

AjaxExplorer: 1.90 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.90 - 13.11.2012

  • Add new shortcuts.
  • Add timezone setting.
  • Add terminal features.
  • Add loading and abort features.
  • Able to view files within AjaxExplorer.
  • Session will lock user ip number to session_id.
  • Update the files handlers to utf8 and urldecode.
  • Recode entire javascript, stylesheet and html files.
  • Ajax can now stack run operation without interuption.
  • Change the flow of keyboard shortcuts on address field.
  • Allow "Maximum Mass File Read" to be set to 0 to skip it.
  • And many more...
Posted by Sid 2012-11-13

AjaxExplorer: 1.82 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.82 - 31.10.2012

  • Fixed file downloader.
  • Fixed file open coding.
  • Add new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Can download multiple files in one click.
  • Add detection to check if user session has expired and direct to login page.
  • Block file extension now covers download permission. (does not apply to admin)
  • Add "Maximum Mass File Read", "Hide Files", "File Extensions Open - Download", and "File Extensions Open - File Editor" settings field at "System Setting" menu.
  • Maximum Mass File Read: The setting is to notify user if the files read go over the 1000 mark by default.
  • Hide Files: The setting is to exclude AjaxExplorer files and folders from all activty except compress, default "ajaxexplorer,ae.xml"
  • File Extensions Open - Download: When click menu "Open" link, double click files, or when pressing "Enter" key, files with the extension will be open as downloadable, default "7z,doc,docx,pdf,ppt,pptx,rar,xls,xlsx,zip".
  • File Extensions Open - File Editor: When click menu "Open" link, double click files, or when pressing "Enter" key, files with the extension will be open in EditArea file editor, default "css,js,htaccess,htm,html,ini,php,sql,txt,xml".
Posted by Sid 2012-10-30

AjaxExplorer: 1.81 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.81 - 30.10.2012

  • Fixed open folder in new tab.
  • Tweak stylesheet user-select none.
  • Tweak EditArea show, hide, and resize logic.
  • Centralized and improve ajaxexplorer php library output text.
  • Able to view all messages and errors (ae, js, and php) via "View Message Logs".
  • Display ajaxexplorer message base on operation (black), tips (blue), success (green), and error (red)
Posted by Sid 2012-10-30

AjaxExplorer: 1.80 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.80 - 29.10.2012

  • MCV Framework
  • PHP Object Oriented
  • Change file text editor flow, allow several files to be edit
  • Able to rename, extract, and compress multiple highlighted files
  • New folder structure. (ae.db, ae.log, ae.user, control, model, view)
  • Disable few of the minor features. (share files, user icon, and so on)
  • Continue fixing tons of bugs and security hole via JavaScript vulnerability.
  • Allow admin user to create, edit, rename or upload files with block file extensions.
  • Block access to system files via user interface, htaccess blocking 'ae.db' and 'model' folders, and remove JavaScript role in handling main directory path
  • And many more...
Posted by Sid 2012-10-29

AjaxExplorer: 1.80 Future Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.80 - Dateline 27.10.2012

  • MVC Framework
  • PHP Object Oriented
  • New folder structure (ae.db, ae.log, ae.user, control, model, view)
  • New themes configuration (currently have WinXP and Hybrid theme)
  • JavaScript recode function and variable (convert variable name to more meaningful word)
  • More secure file management by blocking access to system files, php class library, htaccess blocking 'ae.db' and 'model' folders)... read more
Posted by Sid 2012-09-23

AjaxExplorer: 1.75 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.75 - 22.09.2012

  • Fixed logs path link on System Setting menu
  • Fixed text editor utf-8 encode/decode and loading failure
Posted by Sid 2012-09-22

AjaxExplorer: 1.74 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.74 - 20.09.2012

  • Do some js fixes and changes on installer display directory permission
  • Fixed myprofile & recyclebin link, so it will work in whatever subfolder and path configured
Posted by Sid 2012-09-20

AjaxExplorer: 1.73 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.73 - 19.09.2012

  • Fixed search php error.
  • Fixed installer to continue create new ae.db/user.php
  • Fixed My Profile and Recycle Bin link for sub folder setting.
Posted by Sid 2012-09-19

AjaxExplorer: 1.72 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.72 - 19.09.2012

  • Replace zip extension with PclZip library.
  • Fixed SWFUpload disabled button on chrome.
  • Create new 'ae.log' folder to store logs files.
  • Create new 'ae.db' folder to store config and login files.
  • Add script to check, convert and remove index.xml/thumbs.txt.
  • Folder setting index.xml/thumbs.txt are now replace with ae.xml.
  • Set .htaccess to block all access to 'ae.db' folder. (config/login files path)
  • Prevent user from hijacking ajaxexplorer via ajax request. (trim '..' from php post)
  • Prevent user from hijacking ajaxexplorer via System Cookies. (trim '..' from js input)
  • Prevent user from create/rename file extension base on "Block File Extension" (default: exe,php).
Posted by Sid 2012-09-18

AjaxExplorer: 1.71 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.71 - 17.09.2012

  • Fix installer to convert user folder to lowercase
Posted by Sid 2012-09-17

AjaxExplorer: 1.70 Beta Release

Manage server files through simple windows like interface.

AjaxExplorer 1.70 - 17.09.2012

  • Fixed bug and do minor re-code on installer file.
  • Rename php variable to more meaningful word.
  • Re-code most of the php script files.
  • Auto to lower case when creating user.
  • Remove invalid symbol when handling user/file.
  • Block normal user from accessing System Setting.
  • Remove old upload script and replace with SWFUpload.
  • Block exe and php file from upload (Can be edit via System Setting - Upload Rule)
  • Clean up html codes, and remove obsolete table/frame tags.
  • Folder setting thumbs.txt are now replace with index.xml.
  • Address bar auto include '/' and trim to user input.
  • Provide more detail on user permission error.
  • Add new extension docx, pptx, xlsx.
  • Add EditArea to text editor page.
  • Remove user icon on login page.
  • Fixed share folder feature.
Posted by Sid 2012-09-17

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