AjaxExplorer: 1.80 Beta Release

AjaxExplorer 1.80 - 29.10.2012

  • MCV Framework
  • PHP Object Oriented
  • Change file text editor flow, allow several files to be edit
  • Able to rename, extract, and compress multiple highlighted files
  • New folder structure. (ae.db, ae.log, ae.user, control, model, view)
  • Disable few of the minor features. (share files, user icon, and so on)
  • Continue fixing tons of bugs and security hole via JavaScript vulnerability.
  • Allow admin user to create, edit, rename or upload files with block file extensions.
  • Block access to system files via user interface, htaccess blocking 'ae.db' and 'model' folders, and remove JavaScript role in handling main directory path
  • And many more...
Posted by Sid 2012-10-29

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