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Aglets 2.5 Alpha release is out!

Aglets 2.5 has been released as an alpha version!
This version includes a new GUI based on Swing that replaces the old one AWT based, a new threading system that allows and supports the sleeping of an aglet, a new translator used to get localized messages and strings and a few other improvements in the message management, as well as a better package structure.
Please note that this release requires Java 6 SE to run.... read more

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2010-07-26

New GIT repository!

The Aglets source code have been moved to a git repository, that will replace the old-style CVS like repository.
The current layout of the repository contains only the source code and the files required to compile and run the platform. The platform version in the source tree is the one with the new enhanced GUI and with some other interesting features, like a new threading system, a fully localized messages archive, icons and other cool stuff.... read more

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2009-07-28

A localization API

The version of Aglets under development will include a localization API available to all the agents running in the platform, as well as to all the components that need it.

The core of the localization system is the class org.aglets.util.AgletsTranslator. This class provides a general method translate(String) that returns a localized string depending on the resource/locale the translator has been initialized. To initialize a translator you can use the factory method getInstance(String, Locale), that returns a translator for the resource name specified as first paramter and with the associated locale specified as second parameter.... read more

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2007-11-19

Changes to the messaging API

The ongoing development of Aglets has changed the messaging API. Changes are due to a refactoring process which aim is to provide a better modularity and more power.

The first change regards the introduction of the package, that contains all the message related stuff (i.e., message classes, arguments and exceptions). New applications should use the classes contained in this package for the messaging. This means that instead of using, developers should now refer to Similar considerations for the other classes, in particular:
ReplySet... read more

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2007-11-13

Database connection

It is available a simple agent that connects to a PostgreSQL thru jdbc and retrieves the values thru a query. See the message here

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2007-08-21

Thread Management

The thread management has been reimplemented again. The new thread management provides a more accurate locking and reuse of threads by mean of a thread pool. The message queue has been rewritten too, and a few changes involved the message classes.

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2007-08-21


I've uploaded a few screenshots of the new GUI of the Tahiti server.

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2005-10-08

Aglet.sleep(long timeout)

The CVS tree now includes a version of thread management that makes it possible to sleep an aglet for a specified time. Please see the mailing list and the documentation for more details.


Posted by Luca Ferrari 2005-10-07

thread pool

A new class,, has been created. The class works as a thread pool for the management of the thread associated to an agent. Now an agent has no more a private thread pool but a global pool for the whole platform is kept. This should improve performances and resurce reuse. An example about the use of the thread has been added to the example.thread package.

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2005-10-05

itinerary classes

A new package, net.sourceforge.aglets.itinerary, has been added to the CVS code. The package provides a new implementation of the itinerary classes now in the agletx package.
At the moment, a simple (sequential), circular and task based itinerary are supported. Please use the base classes to build more complex itinerary strategies.

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2005-10-05

User's Manual

A new version of the user's manual has been updated, with an enhanced FAQ, configuration files and more details about thread management.

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2004-10-07

User's Manual

The first version of the Aglets User's Manual is available.

Posted by Luca Ferrari 2004-09-21

Aglets 2.0.2 Released

Point release to fix bugs.

Posted by Robert Bergstrom 2002-02-20

Aglets Version 2.0.1 Released

The Aglets Software Development Kit (ASDK) is a framework and environment for researching and developing mobile agents. Mobile Agents are a type of software agent that have the unique ability to transport themselves from one system to another.

This is a source code update. Minor bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Bergstrom 2002-01-22

Aglets 2.0 Released

Improved installation and build. Daemon mode. Logging system. A few bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Bergstrom 2001-08-07

Temporary Site

Most of the content from has been placed here on SourceForge. It can be reached via the homepage link or

Posted by Robert Bergstrom 2001-04-25

Agletbook samples added to CVS

All of the samples included in the Danny and Oshima-san's book have been added to CVS under the project "agletbook_samples". These samples are a good way to get to know many of the basics of using Aglets.

Posted by Todd Papaioannou 2001-04-13

Aglets 1.2.0 - Developer Released

Straight build of CVS archive. No modifications.

Posted by Robert Bergstrom 2001-03-06

Developer List Created

New list for discussing the development of Aglets. See the Mailing List section to subscribe.

Posted by Robert Bergstrom 2001-02-13


The first release of distribution package has been posted! It's named as Aglets 1.1.0

Posted by Hideki Tai 2000-08-22