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319 SSM260X probe failed on BF526-EZBRD for 2014R1 and 2013R1 open Aaron.Wu 2016-02-23 low none  
318 tcpdump: “No Such device” open q2l 2016-02-16 high none  
317 Failure test of usbhost on BF537-STAMP-ADV7393 board open Aaron.Wu liushujuan 2015-07-07 low assigned  
316 <pkg>_OVERRIDE_RSYNC undocumented open hmijail 2015-06-25 low none  
315 The curve can`t display on the screen when test tftlcd. open Froggen 2015-05-20 low none  
314 The video.avi can`t display on the screen when test mplayer. open Froggen 2015-05-12 middle none  
313 Failure of USB camera test open liushujuan 2015-05-12 low none  
312 AWG and NDSO test failed on BF537-STAMP open Peter_Wang 2015-05-08 low none  
311 mcapi test fails on bf609 ezkit open Steven Miao panmingquan 2015-05-07 low assigned  
310 The sdio_wifi test has some errors. open liushujuan 2015-05-06 low none  
308 ppifcd has some errors on BF533-STAMP open Peter_Wang 2015-04-17 low none  
307 The test of pfbutton driver has some errors open liushujuan 2015-04-17 low none  
306 the test of rotary have some error open Froggen 2015-04-17 low none  
305 qt fails to run for Cannot create main ram shared memory open Hao Liang panmingquan 2015-04-17 low assigned  
303 modprobe: can't load module g_zero for BF609-EZKIT USB test open Froggen 2015-04-08 middle none  
302 System MMR Error USB gadget modules and configfs open iabdalkader 2015-03-27 low none  
298 build bluetooth into elf format fails at libglib2 open Sonic Zhang panmingquan 2015-03-20 low rejected  
297 nand device fails to be attached. open Hao Liang panmingquan 2015-03-20 low rejected  
292 audio ssm2603 fails to run record on bf537 stamp open Scott Jiang panmingquan 2015-03-20 low assigned  
291 ad1836 fails to record on stamp board open Scott Jiang panmingquan 2015-03-20 low assigned  
290 ptp test fails on master head open Hao Liang panmingquan 2015-03-19 low assigned  
286 lmbench fails on bf609-ezkit open Hao Liang panmingquan 2015-03-13 low not_reproduced  
283 cf card probe fails open panmingquan 2015-03-13 low none  
282 [ltp]msgget03 fails for getting unexpected signal open panmingquan 2015-03-13 low none  
281 [ltp] kill07 fails for Illegal use of supervisor resource open Peter_Wang panmingquan 2015-03-13 low assigned  
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