#449 Webui Advanced Lookup not working

Mike Mckay


The advanced lookup in the webui does not include the AND/OR column. Saved searches return no records.

Create a saved search showing all AR Payments is a period:
Date range
Status Completed or Closed
Type AR Receipt

Search works well in Swing, not in webui.


  • Mike Mckay

    Mike Mckay - 2011-12-21

    I've got a fix for the advanced lookup in Zk. Code will be committed as soon as I can get hg flow working on my windows machine.

    I added some additional functionality to make the advanced search compatible between ZK and Swing. I included a memory of the last search performed so a complex search won't be lost if it isn't saved with a name. I also included a default "new" search that will delete all the search data, making it easy to start a new search.

    There are a few tweaks to complete for quality, like translations of the names, but the functionality is ready for review. I'd appreciate any comments.


  • Teo Sarca

    Teo Sarca - 2011-12-21

    Moved to ZK Web Client tracker

  • Teo Sarca

    Teo Sarca - 2011-12-21
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