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Purchase Order price

ML Wong
  • ML Wong

    ML Wong - 2012-11-22

    When creating a Purchase Order manually, the price defaults to the price set up in Product Price Break. However, when using the Create P/O from Requistion process, the price from the Price tab of the Product window is used instead.

    Is this a bug?


    Using Adempiere 3.70
    Database : Postgres 9.1
    O/S : Linux


    ADAXA - 2012-11-22

    You could first check these items..
    (1) On the Product Purchasing tab is there a record to say who you buy from and is it ticked as current supplier.
    (2) Is the BP set as a vendor and does the BP-Vendor have a default price list where that price list is active.
    (3) Does the price list have a version that is active and working for the order date, and is the product on that price list version.


  • ML Wong

    ML Wong - 2012-11-22

    Hi, Steven.

    Thanks for your reply. I'm quite new to Adempiere and hope my replies are meaningful.

    Replies :

    1.  There is one record in Product Purchasing tab and the current supplier is ticked (similar to the BP in the Product Price break tab in Price List)
    2.  Don't quite understand this.  The supplier has been created in the Business Partner window and ticked as vendor in the Vendor tab.

    There is an active record for this item in the Product Price tab in the Product window.

    3.  There is a record in the Version tab of the Price List window is valid for the order date.  The product price is on the Product Price tab in the Price List window.

  • Colin Rooney

    Colin Rooney - 2012-11-22

    The price calculation is done in a "Callout" and they normally only execute via the UI.

    MProductPricing seems to manage the Break Qty calculations in the callout but the conversion process in
    org.compiere.process.RequisitionPOCreate simply copies requisition price (or at first glance that's what it seems to be doing).


  • ML Wong

    ML Wong - 2012-11-22


    If I recall from my recent testing, I created the requisition manually and the price was taken from the Product Price Break.  However when creating the P/O from requisition, it seem to ignore the P/R price and revert to the price on the Price List.


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