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Abuse 2 for DirectX/SDL / News: Recent posts

Welcome, everyone

I'd just like to put out a welcome to all the new members of the team. Here's a summary of everyone working on the project so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing. :)

scot4875 (myself) - Working on the Win32/DirectX port
trandor - Working on the Linux/SDL port
messiah15 - Working on music, LISP, and levels
diamonidzomai - Our concept artist
lcid_fire - Helping with the story ideas, artwork, etc.
ssoulblighter - LISP
vortex0 - Story, weapon ideas
zap_rowsdower - Story, weapon ideas... read more

Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-10-08

Abuse release available for DL

For a brief preview of what Abuse (before engine enhancements) is like, I've posted a setup archive for everyone to experiment with. Enjoy.


Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-09-20

FMOD library added

I've added the FMOD music/sound library to the Abuse engine. One nice thing about this is that it's supported under Linux as well. Better is that Abuse now supports nearly any music file format you can think of.

.MOD (and variants), .MP3, .MP2, .WMA, .OGG ... And tons of others.


Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-09-13

SDL Source Merge

Trandor is working on merging his code for the SDL port into the main source tree. Hopefully all the stuff that I've Win32'ified won't screw things up too much.

Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-08-29

Source tree uploaded

I've got my latest source for Abuse and related projects up in the CVS repository.

To browse through the code, click the CVS link above and follow through to "Browse CVS Repository" on the right side of the screen.


Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-08-23

Welcome to the project

This is our new development home for Abuse 2.

Check out the message at to get involved in the Abuse community, and contact me if you'd like to contribute to the project.


Posted by Jeremy Scott 2001-08-20